Salvage Interface Issue: Cosmetics Appear First

For some reason now, any unequipped hats show up first in the salvage interface, even before items that are under power level 300. This makes it inconvenient when you’re mass salvaging items and it makes it easy to accidentally salvage a very rare cosmetic drop. Why do they even show up in the salvage interface, much less first?


It’s been always like this.

I didn’t know because I didn’t have any cosmetics before the update. Anyway, it’s still a terrible feature that needs to change.

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with handmaiden for me the hat show first but if a switch to waystalker it shows the last one (the hat is for handmaiden)

It has indeed not always been like this. I have some cosmetics that show in the bottom of the inventory, and some that show in the top. it does not correspond to getting them before or after 1.1 however… it seems random.

In either case they shouldn’t be salvageable in the first place…

Maybe it’s related to rarity?

All cosmetics are orange rarity. (at least the hat drops)

Then I have no idea!

Even in the salvage window, items for the career you are using are shown in the beginning, or rather, items for the other careers of the same character are shoved to the end. Even if they are of lower quality or Power than most of your stuff. Kind of annoying in the end, but not horrible. But as one of the conditions in inventory arrangement (on salvage screen and others) is item type, I suggest that cosmetics (both hats and armors) should indeed be put for “highest” priority on that (as the “low” priority items, with lower quality or Power appear first on Salvage screen, as should).

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