Wtf dev you guys mentioned cosmetics are no longer visible in salavge window

for somewhat reason it appears for me so i thoughts its bug.
thus i try salvage a single and its gone.
must i favourite every single helm for god sake?
just prevent it.

Skins were showing up in the salvage window where they weren’t previously. This was the fix implemented. Hats are and always have been salvageable.
If you go to you can ask to have it restored.

Lol… why would you salvage it, and then get mad at the Devs? That is pretty moronic… hats have always been able to be salvaged. And there was just a thread this week talking about it. While I do agree, they should not be able to be salvaged, why would you purposely do it?


Contact the devs, waste their time and they will give you it back. It’s their own fault for making cosmetics salvageable in the first place.


XD just wonder if it work.
may my fault as i dont read the patch note properly - it sounds to me like cosmetics are no longer able to salvage anymore.

If you press F on all your hats you will see a green heart show up on them, anything with the green heart on it that you have favorited will not show up in the salvaging menu.

press F to pay respect

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