Just realized my handmaiden's helm is gone

got 2 from commendation crate but now ive only warmaiden.
dont even remember the name because i equiped the warmaiden all along.
can i get that back?

Did you hover over them and press F to favorite them? I’m sure if you can still melt them down, but before if you didn’t favourite them, it would put them in the salvage section with normal equipment

item filter and such mods were not sanctioned since i get.

It’s not a mod. It’s part of the base game. Hover your mouse over the item and hit F.

thought it were part of kill counter or so. my issue yet solved.

Let us know your steam profile as it’s possible to you salvaged it?

my steam profile page is here.

Solution: Stop wasting your own support people’s time and make hats unsalvagable like they should have been from the beginning.

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You use to get duplicate hats, so you could break them down for materials

Yes but you don’t anymore and if that is the reasoning there is a way to program that copies can be scraped.

how is it goin’?

Good yep, sorry it took time, you caught me in time for the weekend where I do my best to save some time for myself =) looks like you did salvage the Crown of Lileath, which I returned to you now.


how nice to hear that. thanks.

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