Suddenly lost all my hats

Launched the game today and upon entering the keep I get pop ups about getting new hats, the ones I “get” are the Champion of Ubersreik hats (which I already had) and Kerillians new mask (which I bought first day it was available.

I then go through my cosmetics and a big number of them are now missing. Did this happen to anyone else?

Edit: When I saw that even the DLC weapons were missing I restarted the game and everything seems to be okay now, hats and dlc weapons are there again.

Just an everyday advice to you :smiley::
In ANY case somethings smells fishy on ANY device. Restart it and have a look if it happens again. Could spare you a lot of time.
You lost items in a game? Restart the game.
Your TV suddenly start displaying odd colous? Restart the thing.
Your PC fans are suddenly stuck at over 9000 RPM? Restart the PC.

I’ll just show you this gem:

I hope that did not come off passive-aggressive, because that was not my intention.

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You are 100% correct lol

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