Why do I keep losing my hats?!

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Hi, and I’m sorry if I’m posing this in the wrong category, anyway so I’ve lost my hats. And by that, I mean the default hats that everyone wears. Kerrillian is balled, Kruber doesn’t have a hat, and no one has a hat. I bought hats for both Kerrelian and Kruber and they’re both gone again. I restarted the game several times but it keeps happening. This is not just for hats, but the one hero skin I bought for Kerrelian is also gone. I’ve only been playing for like 2 days so I’m still new to this game, is this something that has happened to others? I’m on a ps5 playing the ps4 version if that has any bearing on the issue, btw. Oh, I forgot to mention that this is the second time this has happened, happened the first time I booted up the game and that’s when I bought the new hats with the in-game currency I had! I’m worried to buy anything expensive in case that gets lost too… Other than that I love the game so far!

This is an issue impacting our console and PC players and will be addressed in an upcoming patch. In the mean time, it’s very possible the cosmetics will return on their own after multiple restarts. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

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