[ps4] My cosmetics are disappearing and wont come back

Hi, I’m a new player and recently got the premium edition on sale, as well as the warrior priest and outcast engineer careers first time I logged in all was well, I got a bunch of cosmetics and everything was fine and dandy, flash forward the next day and pretty much everything is gone, except for all of the warrior priest and outcast engineer stuff.

At first I didnt really mind since i wasnt a huge fan of the skins and i planned on buying new stuff anyway with shillings (I also thought kerillian being bald looked kinda goofy) and the next few times I logged in was fine and I had no issues.

Then, today I log on and a pop up says im receiving all the dlc career stuff again, which weirded me out but oh well, and then I look at my cosmetics and a bunch of stuff is gone and of course no shilling refunds so I look things up on different forums and all I can find is that ‘theyll fix it in the next patch’ or ‘just try closing and opening the game a couple times and hopefully itll all be back’ so I try this and then literally everything except for the dlc career stuff (and one spear illusion I bought)

Seeing as all the threads ive found on similar issues are older I assume the prophesized ‘next update’ has already come and gone. I am not sure what to do any help will be appreciated.

A fix was implemented, but it wasn’t robust enough. We’re looking into it again, and will hopefully have this resolved in one of our next console updates.

This one has been a little tricky, and has unfortunately taken longer than we would have liked.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your continued patience!

Thanks for the response, looking forward to that update.

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