About visual and inventory


I was wandering dont you want to look over the salvage? For example “salvage all green/blue/yellow item”. It’s painful when you are salvaging 10 tabs of useless items because you cannot open another box due to full inventory. Red items could have a chech on salvaging like “are you sure salvaging this item?” And of course they cannot be salvaged all at once.

Waystalker’s basic hood with legend skin looks strange, because the dress is grey/golden, but the hood is still green. Basic headgear is the best imo, keeping it color-matched would be nice.

What if heroes/careers would get a “red” illusion for their signature skill? For exaple blue glow on waystalker’s bow when ults, bounty hunter’s sidearm (which he doesnt have on his side btw), ranger’s bomb? Not as a cosmetic, just for they have special tools what they use as ult, not charging, taunting, pushing back.

Rapier’s pistol has no blue glow on it, even when you equip a red illusion.

If you complete all cata missions on Helmgart with a specific career, the skin could have blue glow as well in a pattern like veteran weapons have. Same type of signs, patterns as the race the heroes came from. Again, not as a skin from box, or from purchase, rather then skin for skill/achievement, like the legend skin of the careers.

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