Where are all teh 100+ cosmetics from the trailer?

I’m a bit baffled right now. I spent some time scouring the net for V2 cosmetics posted on blogs, forums, YT etc.
All I gathered was some-teen with most being re-colours (I think). SO I checked the update trailer and it says it introduces 100+ cosmetics. So, where are they?
I have to ask, are the weapon skins counted as cosmetics? I am interested HOW MANY are actually there for the characters?
Is it possible they are soo rare no one seen them yet? I find it doubtful, so the only answer that comes to mind that its all there is, really. Which is sad.

Does anyone know or head anything about the subject?

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Hats+skins+avatar frames.

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Alot of lazy recolors/ minor things added to one hat to produce another.

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Also a crap ton of these hats are not present in the official release yet.

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I think each career currently has 3 possible hats. That’s 45 items right there, and they’re so rare few people have them. The drop chance is only from commendation chests and the likelihood is something stupid like <2% chance per chest with no bad luck protection. Add in the reskins/hats for the classes doing champ/legend and that’s another 30-50 items, and the frames might be another 45. Soon adds up to at least the 110 advertised.

This isn’t counting the ones the modders have found that aren’t in the game yet.

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Personally, I couldn’t care less about cosmetics. But I do care about drop rates, and it seems like FS really needs to redo the whole system.

I’m currently up to 60 chests open without a red so I’m getting completely fed up with it.


Ha! Only 60!

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Funnily this sentence applies to most of the game design.


Harsh but fair.

For a quick calculation, several people have estimated there to be three randomly dropped pieces of headgear per character. At least one for each existed before the fashion update, so let’s go with that. That means 2x15 pieces to be dropped from chests - 30. Another 15 from Challenges - 45. Two unlockable armor recolors for each career - 75. And two unlockable portrait borders per career - that makes 105 altogether. Voilá, there’s your 100+ cosmetics. There might even be a couple of additional ones from challenges, I didn’t pay that much attention to their rewards. A majority of them are unlockable through challenges, so you won’t see that much different ones from chests, and the odds of one dropping still aren’t that high.


If you manage to get more then ten do yourself a favor and start buying lotto tickets.


I’m up to 9, lol. Got all 3 for each career of Kerillian. As I’ve said before, they all dropped within 30 hours. Now I haven’t seen a single one in over 100 hours xD

I’ve opened over 250 comm chests and got only 3 hats. Not that I care that much since they all look like garbage. I’ll just stick to the 100 achiv HM helmet, but… it’s ridiculous.

Over the weekend I was touched by the Gods and got 2 hats for Kerr - HM. Which is a shame coz they look good but I dont play HM that much.
The ones I got are a helmet with twisted horns and a blalaclava with red scarf on the face and a circlet on the forehead.

They could add new currency like lets say “Star dust”. You would get 1 star dust for each 30+level. And you would buy hats and other cosmetics for it.

And they could make it expensive. 30 star dust for one cosmetic. Idc. But atleast everyone could get the cosmetic they want and it would be fair. Not like this crazy RNG system.

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