Are the Bögenhafen cosmetics already obtainable? Saw multiple players now with purple weapons and new cosmetics


In beta? Or in live server?
Seems i have to uptate to do beta…

Purple is a texture corription :slight_smile: :wink:

Then the new outfits I saw on Kruber must also have been texture corruptions :wink:

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Sure they are)))

New red is purple glowing items
You can see it in reddit

Man that was a joke )

VT2 is srs bidnes.

On a more serious note: Yes, it was in the beta. I saw players having cosmetics (outfits) equipped I had not seen before and purple-ish glowing weapons, which I assumed were the new Bögenhafen cosmetics. Since I don’t see any way to obtain them yet, I was assuming something fishy was going on.

I could provide the link to one of those players’ steam profiles if someone from FS so desires. But as of now, I don’t know what is going on and hence, I asked if I missed something.

Type Fishy with capital, cause it s not just a common fish making Fishy things, but whole fat shark.

Considering folks will get to keep all their stuff they unlocked, it’d be nice to have some kind of feedback on this. Not that I care what other people have, but considering FS’s overall policy on not handing out freebies and with all the apparently necessary item-drop-RNG, I’d say it would only be fair to address this issue before the DLC is released :wink:

Was this in the game before?
I never seen a whc with it until I unboxed it.
But I haven’t seen a single other hat that I’ve never seen before.

I saw some players next to you with it the last days. But i never saw it before, so i think that’s already DLC content. All my old cosmetics are blue and not orange rarity.

Hey that’s true I only have blue drops and violet reward hats.
Sry no

And that one is from 1.1 for sure
But where they this rarity pre beta?

Well probably just luck for the WHC’s right now or FS fixed something with the spawn.
On the other Hand… There aren’t that much ppl who play WHC. So i mostly saw myself. ^^

Btw i think the cosmetics are already ingame, together with the new weeklies, but not available yet. Maybe some guys script something etc. or it’s just a bug. I dont think FS can/want to confirm that, if they want to sell the dlc.

That they’re already in the game, I think that’s a given. But considering nobody seems to be able to access weeklies and such, we can assume people who have access to that already are either using exploits (I do have a hypothesis how) or blatantly scripting. Since, however, loot-server communication is involved and FS doesn’t want people dabbling with that (rightfully so), I’d say they should look into it before the DLC goes live.

Please DM me with any steam profiles you suspect to already have access to the new loot on the official realm (and not modded). Cheers!


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