Questions about plans for Cosmetics

A few questions I’d like FS to answer, if possible, about the plans for the next cosmetics.

  • Will VT1 owner will be able one day to equip a hat with the VT1 skin ?

Right now, VT1 skins are in one piece, which means that you only have the VT1 defaut hat when using the skin. Is it planned to scrap the head model off or no ? I’d rather have a cool hat than a cool skin, but both are better.

  • Will every illusion get a “red” version ?

Red weapon illusion are lighted version of classic illusion. I think (not sure), that Bogenhafen and Classic red illusion are lighted version of different illusion. So, will every illusion get lighted version (no matter the color, so people can play with they’re favorite skin AND have the glow. I want my glowing Ambusher’s Galria :3)

  • Is more basic Illusion for some weapon planned ?

Sienna staves have very few illusions, especially Fireball (and another one, can’t recall). Will this number stay low ?

  • Is DLC challenges rewarding hats/skin a possibility ?

A challenge that would reward a hat/skin of the class you used to finish it (can complete it with all classes). And themed with the DLC :3
Something like Finish on Legend would be easy, altho stuff like Do this and that on Legend would maybe get a bit too hard (and stuff like Puzzle jump or collecting, even if fun the first times, would get boring after a few).

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