Unreleased Cosmetics

Hey all,

I’ve seen some of the leaks of the cosmetics that are finished, but unreleased. Helps contextualize what was going on. I’m hoping you guys can resume releasing them now that crafting is more or less finished and we’ve received some new weapon variants.

I get why you guys stopped, and the perception was admittedly pretty bad, but given these seem to be release ready I hope you don’t allow other community members to punish us by persuading you finished content shouldn’t be released.

inb4 angry dog pile that straw mans me.

Thanks, love the game.


Yes… I want cosmetics… now that we have a mod to play in 3rd person camera, I NEED more cosmetics!

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I thought they stopped releasing cosmetics because the game is (still) a buggy mess?

Whooooot, are u serious ??? If yes, good ol “Space Marine” vibez incoming :drooling_face:

But, the problem I see: I’m just to “dumb” to use/install mods… If I do it I will screw my rig eventually… So nope… I have to play it vanilla :sweat_smile:

I would love it if they made a chunk of the unreleased cosmetics earnable with new penances. (Ones that are, uh, better designed than the previous)


their was a very vocal group that demanded the cosmetic shop be removed until the issues with the game were fixed and the crafting system was complete.

so FS stopped all future cosmetics, until such time as to calm those individuals. it hasnt been added back as theirs currently internal talks about cosmetics. thats all the info they have released as of yet.

but ya id like more cosmetics as well, or perhaps let us mix and match Class Cosmetics on some Characters.

such as let the Zealot get the krieg outfit as running in and smashing things is a very krieg thing to do,


This, basically.

The best thing you can do to get new cosmetics is to not talk about it. Things need to cool off a bit.

I think it has more to do with the future console release and just holding onto things until they get a playerbase back. Frankly the numbers do not look good right now, so they’re hoping for a “re-release” come consoles season. For the record I don’t think this is a bad business strategy. But I do hope we start to see cosmetics again and more interesting ones at that.

I also hope they add more free cosmetics and more penance cosmetics over time. Things to work towards AND things to buy.

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