Krieg cosmetic

Lets all admit it and say that the Krieg helm and mask look absolutely Horrid !!!

Here is a picture on how it should be.
If you could patch it, not only me but a huge amount of other players would love you for it.



this is a perfect change to the cosmetics that brings then way closer to tabletop


While I support your right to complain about anything at any time, as that isn’t in the store at present, I’m very curious why this is the moment the complaint is raised?

We have had many threads on the subject. The veteran Krieg cosmetic looks like someone recreated their comic-con cosplay made from old army surplus bits, not referencing the actual Forgeworld minatures/art, and had multiple mis-sized and weirdly proportioned bits.

The only thing that came out of it was that they pancaked the oversized chestpiece on the Veteran so it wouldn’t crop through arms, instead resizing the object to be the appropriate size as on the Psyker.




While i dont like the helmet fix in these pictures as much as i do with op picture, i do want the coat to be extended like in your picture (and with physics unlike the original)

It will return at some point. might as well complain/ give feed back sooner then later with the hopes of it being fixed once it return to the store.
Thats how i see.


Fatshark Forums is a path way to many changes, some considerd to be… unnatural.

But for real, they really nitpiked the what changes they wanted to do and then changed it for the worst :joy:

Fair enough!

Fatshark should listen, it’ll make the cosmetics sell better if they get them right. The scion helmet needs a neck cover really bad.

Remember FS, your most dedicated customers aren’t the casuals, they are the w40k fans who really want outfit X and they know what it should be.


We can say without a doubt that this was the most anticipated uniform of the entire game. I remember that on 4chan and 1d4chan people were anxiously waiting for the moment when they could finally be a Krieger cosplayer and were preparing the shovel + Lucius builds.
That Fatshark failed miserably to make this very uniform is truly indicative of its current state.


I wonder if at some point, someone will just make a mod for character appearance.

It’s called ‘for the drip.’ I don’t have it myself.

Which doesn’t solve any model issues :wink:

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I’ll buy it if they make the helmet more lore-accurate.

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If they just fixed the helmet like in OPs picture that would go along way to make me buy it aswell

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