Veteran Krieg Coat change

It seems people were complaining about the rebreather pack on the Krieg Veteran’s chest so Fatshark “fixed” it in the laziest way possible by flattening it to the point that it looks like a folder. It looks silly and now I wish it just wasn’t there.


Just thought I’d add a picture to this, so people can see what you mean.
Another example of how this company works, I guess.


Every day I become more grateful that I never bought any of the Krieg cosmetics.


Let this be a lesson. Be careful what you wish for!


And this, people, is why you never buy Macrotransactions.


hmm maybe now it’s just a Small Box Respirator?

I’ll be sure to pass on your feedback though!


The whole aesthetic doesn’t quite work still. I don’t know what it is but something is not quite right.


When a low budget gmod model gets it more right with in a day or two of work then a full on warhammer model


Everyday I become more regretful for buying them to support fatshart


Thanks for dropping in on this topic, I wanted to chime in, I am one of the people who actually refunded this particular cosmetic because of the quality issues, the rebreather clipping being a huge one.

I have been a DKoK fan since their initial release as a distinct line in 2006, running them back since 4th edition 40k. If Fatshark wanted money from me, this was how to do it.

I want to say I’m pleased that some effort was put into correcting this cosmetic. That said, this particular cosmetic was majorly bungled, and this fix…isn’t one. Yes it helps with the clipping, but looks absurdly wide and tall even if the depth was corrected (it just now looks squished and empty), and more to the point, there’s already an example of a perfectly sized unit on the Psyker.

The fact that an additional premium was charged for this cosmetic is infuriating in this state. I can accept that there are artistic differences and things won’t look identical to their tabletop incarnations (different masks/eyepieces/webbing/coat lenghts/etc, even if it ends up looking more like a comic-con cosplay made from army surplus bits than the original Forgeworld models), but the rebreather unit being so enormously oversized in every dimension, the coat being modeled sized too large and extra baggy, and the gear webbing being both lore incorrect and poorly modeled, it really killed my enthusiasm.

I guess we fixed this issue

But the rebreather is still way too big, notice how the Psyker has an appropriately sized chest rig, and properly fitted coat.

Veteran coat was physically modeled overly-baggy and two or three sizes too large.

The webbing is also weird and remains unfixed, it’s too long/low and adheres to the body unnaturally, like an older 90’s arena shooter texture but also somehow sits slightly elevated without touching the coat. The straps are also the wrong type, this shouldn’t be an H-strap, they should be Y-straps on the back looking at every DKoK infantry model Forgeworld/Game Workshop has put out.


the Tox-Field battlegear however doesn’t have this issue, some of the model artists seem to have this down, the coat fits nicely and the webbing looks tight and natural even with the H-straps, and it’s odd how this couldn’t be replicated with the DKoK webbing.


No longer a war veteran.
Now they’re a business meeting veteran.


No. Don’t know what else to say at this point.


This is the stupidest change they have made thus far, is there any chance they will revert this? I preferred the clipping to this pathetic distorted flattening. This is no longer the skin I paid for. I might not have even bought the skin if it looked like this from the start.


Biggest nerf of the patch. Hope FS make a statement about this because it made this busted piece even more of a stinker. :grimacing:

Edit: also, dollars to donuts you can get a refund if you ask.

I am convinced a good number of the people on the art team, those responsible for the actual modeling of cosmetics, do not actually have any genuine like or passion for the Warhammer 40k setting. A rush job like this of just changing the scale of a single axis on the model is good enough for them. Making skins that are mostly reminiscent of the actual regiments without any real regard for how these uniforms actually look is good enough for them.

It’s very hard to please nerds and fandoms that are as diehard as the Warhammer fandom is, but optics and community relations are important. If you aren’t going to actually put in effort, just leave it alone altogether. One will still allow the community to believe you’ll get to it when you can, the other proves beyond all doubt that you really don’t care at all and just want to shut people up.

I’m sure people appreciate the community manager’s input in the thread but making an excuse that it’s something from a WW1 uniform that has absolutely nothing to do with the Krieg equipment this supposed to be based on is completely tone deaf. This also coming in regards to a Veteran skin when the Veteran class just received a horribly nerfed and over-tax-noded botch job of a tree rework.

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The mask in game is wrong, two smooth and not sharp and pointy enough, the Eye holes need to be sort of Half cover by the helmet and the trench coat isn’t quite long enough.


Don’t even get me started on the nerfs… I’ve been playing with nothing but a Lucius lasgun and a shovel since day one. Which basically is close to playing with one arm tied behind my back but I don’t care I’m dedicated to the Krieg look. The nerfs have just made my life even harder. I almost don’t even want to play veteran anymore.


I have to ask, were the devs drunk when they made this change?


I still cannot get my head around what they’re doing with that skin. How hard can it be to replicate the original source material?! Why are they finding new ways to fail with it? Ye Gads.


just make the thing smaller like is is on the psyker its closer to the table-top model and surely it can’t be that hard to just use the scale tool to shrink it.