Veteran Krieg Coat change

the best part is it’s still too big, it’s just too big and now it’s too flat too.


This is the greatest fatshark moment I’ve seen from fatshark



The level of absolute incompetence Fatshark shows sometimes is staggering. The DKoK skin was one of, if not the most requested skin for the game. So much so they made sure to up it’s price. Yet the model was wrong and got well deserved negative feed back. Instead of fixing any of the issues FS flattens the rebreather box and makes it worse. I have the skin and just removed it from all my loadouts because is looks horrible. It wasn’t perfect before but it didn’t look stupid like it does now (imo).


for real lol i was ready to buy the vet krieg set but had been hearing bad things before seeing it myself. i thought it was exaggerated so i didn’t pay much attention to it, but upon seeing in-game via the store, i was shocked at how bad it looked. a part of me was like, “i need to buy this because it’s the death korps…”, but it was just so incredibly horrible. i actually feel bad for people that bought it lol i’m genuinely curious if people actually think it looks good, or if it was just the, “it’s the death korps, so i gotta get it” lol

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Holy sh*t lmfao this game really is the result of a Monkey’s Paw wish

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This company works?


What do you mean? They worked so hard on them they had to charge extra!


Very funny :rofl:

I’m just sticking to the Commissary Green Tigerstripe Vet for now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

All they had to do was scale the rebreather pack down so that it fit between the straps. Something like this with half the thickness of the original.


I actually want my aquilas back.

I had to pay a premium for this set, and they went and ‘fixed’ it in not only the laziest way possible, but also the incorrect way. They made the appearance even worse than it originally was after people paid for the thing.


That’s not what players want from a krieg set though. They want a correctly scaled krieg rebreather. This change makes no sense, did no one say, “hey this is going to really anger all the people who paid for it?”


why does it even have a rebreather? its not even connected to the mouse mask

Jesus Christ, this karkin’ company, I swear… :rofl:


The Psyker rebreather has an other issue though. You see the black shadow thing that cuts off the left leather strap supposed to hold the rebreather? Well that’s baked in lighting and we are seeing that because they applied physics to the whole rebreather instead of just the pipe. The rebreather itself wasn’t modeled with the idea it could move like that, it’s supposed to be static and thus connect to the leather strap properly. And you can see similar issues all over the Krieg cosmetics sadly.

Take screenshots comparing your ingame skin to the official miniatures and concept art. Highlight the inaccuracies of the cosmetic including the bugs and clipping issues with it. Make a convincing argument and be kind when you do it, but also be sure to use the words ‘falsely advertised.’ They will refund your aquilas and remove the items from your characters. They did so for me and at least two other people I’m aware of that have mentioned it.


Yeez, why didn’t they just flatten it to the thickness of the rest of the pouches at least?

It looks like it’s not suppose to look like that.

But it will go out of rotation soon so it’s probably not something they want to bother themselves with. “Don’t ask questions. Just consume product and get excited, for next product”


has anyone heard word about this yet?

Thank you for passing this on - while you’re at it - could you also pass on that without the tube the set is incomplete?

Although deducing from the Steel Legion I assume that 6-11 months from now there’ll be a proper DKoK Helmet for 2000 Aquilae…

So nevermind…


That hotfix broke my heart. I read that they fixed a physics issues with the Krieg skin and thought they finally unglued the coat from the legs only to find it’s still very much fixed in place. I don’t even know what they “fixed” on it.

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