Please fix the krieg

Why not make it like the original material? I’m a console player, I don’t have much that Darktide came out on my platform but it saddens me to see how the designers have so little appreciation for this franchise, it’s too noticeable that they are skins without much work or without references when comparing the image I realize that not only They failed in the respirator and the hose, practically the entire skin is bad


iirc there are GW depictions of krieg that look like the version on the left

The closest depiction of the one on the left is from the 1999 3rd Edition Imperial Guard Codex, when the DKoK were a small concept sketch amongst many to the rear of the book.* As such I do not think we can take that as a true depiction of the Korps as we know it. The Forgeworld resin range with its companion Imperial Armour V: Siege of Vraks part 1 book set in stone how the DKoK looked until GW’s plastic Kill Team set, which I personally think is inferior to the resins, but I’m biased, oh so heavily biased. Even there the only changes to that part of the model was the addition of a metal reinforcement tab at the bottom of the mask and a slightly smaller collar for the greatcoat.

I’ve seen the depictions from Warhammer+ shows** and they appear based upon the Kill Team set but those models retain that look with the mask and helmet, with the respirator’s lenses being beneath the brim and the respirator itself retaining the sharp, angular lines we know and love from the Death Korps respirator.

The YouTuber Janovich was working on what was shaping up to be an accurate and excellently animated depiction of the story for the Siege of Vraks before GW banned such things. In this video you can see what the accurate depiction of the Death Korps looks like (excepting the bayonet hilts and the missing unit identification tab):


**One of the details these lack are the unit identification tabs on the corner of the collars, which came from the 1914-18 French greatcoat. I mention this to show how much of a nerd I am for DKoK and the WW1 Western Front uniforms that inspired their look.


The in-game Krieg veteran cosmetic looks like someone’s comic-con cosplay made from assorted army surplus bits.

Ultimately, that could have been fine, artistic differences are a thing, but being both lore-incorrect and poorly constructed, with grossly mis-sized chest units, abysmal clipping, goofy webbing, static physics, and a coat that’s several sizes too large and hangs like a sail, all at a price premium to boot, that was inexcusable.


Thanks for all the info bro, but being so knowledgeable on the subject, you don’t think it’s too poor a design for the Kreig, as they are today, it doesn’t look anything like them, not to mention that things are missing from the suit or small details like the collar. or the simple fact that the trench coat is shorter than it should be, the worst thing is that now in the store there is a skin of the psychic that has the back of the trench coat as the Krieg veteran’s one should be, it seems like an insult to me. What do they charge extra for the krieg and they are not what they should be?

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You would hope the premium development cost on top of these sets (and having to spend an extra 1400 for a different version of the same helmet…) is just us investing in premium fixes that sadly a lot of the premium cosmetics are not getting.

I will preface this by saying that I think all four skins are abominations and are not worthy of being titled as ‘Death Korps of Krieg’, because what follows may become a rant and I don’t want you feeling obligated to read the whole thing. Edit: having said that I can chime in that I did indeed write a rant out (or two or three, cough), so I tred to put my feelings re: the skins in a more concise manner.

That Fatshark designed something so erroneous and then egregiously claimed it took lots of time so they need to charge more is absolutely an insult to fans of the Death Korps no matter when they first came across the regiment and fell in love with them. They epitomise the ‘grim dark’ nature of 40k to me, of the absolute horror of warfare and the inhumane way people on Krieg are born (via Vitae Womb, of course) and raised solely to be soldiers, and in whom has been instilled this need to sacrifice themselves no matter what for the God-Emperor to atone for their homeworld’s disgrace. They could be seen as being the organic path to inhumanity, to psychologically be beyond the overwhelming majority of the countless people living in the gruelling nastiness that is the Imperium, whilst by contrast the Space Marines are put on an inorganic path. We might embrace the DKoK’s aesthetic and feel in 40k, but the absolute hell of what took place on the Western Front of 1914-18 that inspired their creation gives them a grim underpinning of true horror that actually took place.

Aesthetically they did so many things wrong with these skins. The Ogryn has some weird metal crop top going on. If they had actually tried they could have given them the armour the DKoK Engineers have. If they had bothered, the Psyker would have had the cuirass that senior officers and the Death Riders wear. Had they had an inkling of devotion to the source material they would have given the Zealot the skeletal cuirass and respirator of the DKoK Quartermasters. That lack of trying, of seemingly not bothering and lacking devotion to the source material means we don’t have the pouches on the Veteran skin being uniformly the same size (two either side of the belt buckle), the webbing would have had a Y-strap at the rear as per all of the infantry models, there would be an entrenching tool and bayonet hanging off of their belt, the coat would have fitted properly and would not have had splits up the sides, something that exists on precisely none of the Death Korps models (not to mention the weirdness of the coat skirts in general) and so on. If they really had taken the time and effort on them the respirator box would be correct, we would have a hose for the mask,* the backpack that is ubiquitous to Death Korps infantry would be there, and yes, that unit recognition tab on the coat collar would be present, along with the coat’s collar being modelled correctly, and the shoulder pads would at least be the ones the plastic Kill Team set has if not the original resin type.

I’ve ranted enough, I think, and I’m pretty sure we, along with others, are agreed that these skins are a disgraceful ‘cash grab’, poorly made and I would guess rushed to get them out to generate revenue because they knew DKoK would sell, even if the skins were wrong in almost every aspect. The only thing I like about them, across all four classes, is the colour used for the coats. The real kicker for the Veteran? They bothered to make the senior officer helmet which was sold for 1400 Aquilas mostly correct.

I do see people describe them as being akin to low quality, army-surplus DKoK cosplay, but I think that’s cruel; at least the people building their cosplays are doing the best they can from what they have available and at least have a real interest in the Death Korps.

*A suggestion I saw someone make was that he hose would only appear when you had both mask and coat equipped, which would solve the question of what the hose would do when the Death Korps top was not worn.


For Kriegs sake!

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