The Kreig premium skin for the veteran looks off and should an update

The whole thing looks like someone trying to cosplay krieg.

The helmet needs more of the cone shape that krieg have

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I have been thinking that something is off with the eyes of the mask, that it dosent have the mean/menacing look to it BUT i now realise that the helmet that the helmet just need to be lowerd a tiny bit to get that look going.
Also teh collar on the coat around the throat is much better here in the link aswell

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The mask also need the tube going from the mask to a filter system. Becuse of the clipping issue i have heard as a reason for not having it going down to the chest, i suggest slinging it over the shoulders like done here. put a smaller descreet filter on the back or maby insert the tube in the back of the coat to make it mess less with backpaks.

Look at the first 3 pics in the link page
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The coat needs to have physics and be longer, all the way down slightly under the kneecaps.
you guys did manage to give the steel legion one physics).

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witch brings me to the backpack… there is none BUT there should have been to get the whole kit come together. (honestly just scale this up for the ogryn aswell)

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Mods please be merciful on this poor veteran


There’s been several threads on this, I made one as well last week

here’s another

Totally agree it looks like someone modeled a Comic-Con cosplay costume of a Krieg trooper, not the actual Forgeworld Death Korps of Krieg infantry.

The gas mask and eye pieces are wrong, the helmet isn’t quite right, there is no gas mask hose, the coat is both wrong (too short, collar isn’t right, etc) and clearly sized too large and wears like Sail cut from a Man-o-War’s rigging, the gear webbing is wrong (should be a Y-strap down the back) and is modeled poorly (looks too long and weirdly conforms to the back instead of tightly gripping the belt), and the chest rebreather unit is easily 3x too big and looks like a giant breadbag on the front of the chest (and clips obviously and absurdly into arms and weapons).

The Tox-Field battlegear for the Veteran is really excellent, is very similar to the DKoK gear, but has none of the issues with oversized gear, the webbing looks great, the coat fits, etc.

The fact that Fatshark charged an extra premium for the DKoK stuff really turned me off. I could live with some differences, artistic license is a thing and I get not all the stuff is easy to model for a videogame (e.g. rebreather hoses), but this just felt like a bad low-effort cash grab.

I actually requested and received my Aquila’s back for this cosmetic as a result. Was really disappointed, particularly as I’d built a Krieg army way back in 4th edition 40k, coming up on almost 20 years ago now, with the original Siege of Vraks book, and was really excited about DKoK stuff in Darktide.


Krieg have shown variation in their uniforms. Just look at the stark differences between the Forgeworld and Games Workshop Krieg infantry kits. Even the Forgeworld krieger engineers, grenadiers, officers, tank crew, and marshals all wear different uniforms with different gas masks and coats. There is a wide variation of equipment produced by different forge worlds for Krieg or on the planet itself (different manufactorums on a planetwide scale probably have variation).

And then you add on top of that that heroic scale of models exaggerates features of the models to be more cartoony and less realistic. Not representative of how they might look in reality.

The one FS made is kind of how I imagined them. They didn’t have the cartoony feature of their helmet blocking half of their visor for some reason for example. The gas mask also reminds a bit of one of the Forgeworld tank crew gas masks. Another one of the mask variations.


As for the length of the coat. While it’s long on heroic scale, it looks kinda weird on an action figure and especially in real life. Let me show a real life reference for the uniform. What Kriegers are based on, WW1 French. Their coat only extends past the knee in the back depending on the cut of the coat/the version of the coat.

Some artistic license is one thing, and not getting everything identical to the original models is fine to some extent (though the eyepiece thing is very definitely noticeable, and lends to that “cosplay” look). The very existence of DKoK pysker or Ogryn gear is basically anti-canon, but nobody’s terribly butthurt about it because they hang a lampost on it in the item description and the cosmetics are (comparatively) well done. It’s very specifically the Veteran model that most seem to have an issue with.

The Veteran cosmetic just has a number of issues beyond the basic comparison to the original art/models. What caused me to ask for my Aquilas back was the fact that the chest rebreather is absurdly (comically) oversized and clips badly into basic stances and appearance (and is too large to actually attempt shouldering a real weapon), the coat seems to have been intentionally poorly fitted and oversized (and has a number of clipping issues) and the back webbing looking goofy. Compare the tox gear Veteran coat to the Krieg coat and the issues of fit and webbing are immediately apparent.

The changes to the canon look coupled with the quality issues (they might have looked fine if executed better) make it look like a cosplay representation as a result, and the premium charged really undercuts it further.

They got the Psyker’s rebreather right, fits right into the original art/model. Coat is fitting properly.

Veteran rebreather is…XBox Heuge, the coat looks like Daddy’s hand-me-down

Holding a weapon looks…awkward.

Weird fit on webbing

See how much better everything is modeled here on the Tox Gear?


Oop. Didn’t realize the clipping issue with the rebreather box. They do, however, look roughly the size of the heroic scale GW ones. But that’s hardly a consolation. Should probably be shrunk and moved down.

The uniforms being huge are accurate to WW1 French infantry photos where some of them just have clothes a size or two too large or just a bad cut. It’s hard to tell with how the collar is made, but it looks like it might actually have an undercoat (where the collar is coming from) with a greatcoat over it. Which WW1 french overcoats made them look… fat…

And ye, they probably need to change the webbing on female models.

Will say the thing about Krieg using Psykers and Ogryn being ‘anti-canon’, as someone who actually collects Krieg, reads their books and have researched this specific topic: there is no mention anywhere that they didn’t use them. Those cosmetics are actually the first pieces of lore proving or disproving their use. If anyone ever claims that they don’t use them, they’re just making assumptions because they haven’t been mentioned whatsoever until now.

The Psyker cosmetic’s lore snippets establish the Psykers as rare and directly attached to the officer staff (so behind the lines, making psychic predictions). Hence their absence in the Krieg Imperial Armour books and so on.

The Ogryn’s cosmetic establishes that they’re just rare. Likely an auxilia Ogryn that stayed with the Krieger unit.

I will warn when it comes to Krieg canon that there are a lot of hearsay. Don’t believe everything you hear about them. The most famous example is:

During Vraks commissars struggled to hold them back from charging forwards because of how indoctrinated and faithful they were… except it didn’t happen.

The soldiers of the Krieg 158th Infantry Regiment actually broke on the first wave and began a disorganized retreat. The commissars tried to stop them, but the troops killed the commissars that stood in their ways. The 2nd wave was doomed because the 1st wave was filing back into the trenches as they tried to leave them. Even indoctrinated soldiers can break from the horrors of chaos in battle.

(The 158th had all of its officers executed by the army’s commissars and the regulars were put into a punishment unit after the incident. Later in the Vraks Imp Armour books it’s implied to have been reconstituted as they appear again sometime after the 88th Siege Army is reinforced).

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