Krieg Cosmetics - Veteran chest rebreather is 3x as big as it should be, clips into arms/weapons, Vet coat is really baggy next to other classes


Love the new Krieg stuff, but the Veteran cosmetic some issue, at least on the female model, with a couple things.

First, the rebreather unit on the chest (which isn’t connected to the mask with a hose as it is on the original Forgeworld models, but I can live with that, probably awkward to deal with modeling and animation) is WAY too big, probably twice or thrice the size relative to the actual resin Forgeworld DKOK infantry.

Actual DKoK Models for reference

Most importantly, it’s so big it clips noticeably and painfully into arms and weapons, holding a rifle at port arms in the cosmetics screen (as below)

Second, not quite as huge an issue, but the coat is huge, as in it looks like a child wearing Daddy’s Big Coat, it appears several sizes too large and hangs like sails. (Minor nitpick but the coat is also supposed to extend down further, with the tails pinned back below the knee not above it, but not too concerned with that)

Psyker with properly fitted coat and appropriate sized chest rebreather for reference

Just wanted to offer some feedback, mainly on the huge rebreather and clipping issue.

EDIT: I can’t get over how much it looks like a baggy bread bag by comparison in-game


The white neckwrap beneath the helmets made to go with the outfit also clip through the back of the coat really bad. At least on a male Veteran they do.

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All gasmask type cosmetics have the same issue. Here exhibit A:

Why for both Steel Legion and Krieg gasmask hose is gone?!
Psyker can have those moving around the neck but not the rest? What’s the point?!
I suspect as you said, there was clipping issue so they “snip” it but it angers me to no end.


These scumbags jacked up the price for poorly made cosmetics again lmfao


Does it do anything of what I noted in this post?

Any unique animations or voicelines at least? Even something as simple as reloads having altered animations where you actually draw a mag from the belt pouches would be enough along with fixes to alot of what folks are pointing out for me to consider the current price range. Hell, a holster system tied to this and other PREMIUM skins where you can see what weapon you’re not using on the model would be neat. You know, some proper red meat for us GrimDerp Fashionistas running the third person mod to gawk at our drip while we play.

Otherwise, its as I suspected, they’re just trying to make an extra buck by classifying this and any other future popular skins as PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA SRSS X-LARGE™ skins. Some fries would be nice at least, geez. Scumbag gacha developers like Riot and Mihoyo at least put in the effort into getting us to drop the extra cash. But who am I kidding, if GW can do it, so can FS, and they’re probably making fat stacks off this as we whinge on here anyways.


Nothing aside from just the cosmetics that I could see, though I haven’t played a match with them yet regarding animations/voice stuff.

Aside from the Veteran skin issues, my bigger issues actually are more conceptual.

The Zealot DKoK skin looks okay…but why not have done a Krieg Comissar? Fits the archetype and role to a T, instead of just a guardsmen with part of a Grenadier mask but no helmet. If they were going to give the Zealot metal chest armor…why not the DKoK Grenadier chest armor?

That said, definitely feels like a hype cash grab on the new pricing.


Yea i’ve already seen a lot of people wearing the skins

I wouldn’t even have a problem with that honestly if it weren’t for Fatshark lying to our face, knowing they do, knowing we know, and still doing it

This isn’t high quality by any means


Obviously you get the muffled voice when putting on the mask. That aside, no. Nothing in the terms of Dota 2 or Counter Strike where there’s new animations and such.

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Most of the voice lines I’ve heard from people (my own character included) while wearing the helmet are normal. They aren’t muffled or modulated at all.

I guess you need to buy the proper helmet for that, since the one with the crest and crease lines on the mask does.

I actually went with the officer helmet rather than the helmet from the bundle and still half my voice lines are just normal. Or at the very least the muffling is so minute that I cannot hear the difference.

So…in this instance, I went ahead and requested (and received) an Aquila refund on this cosmetic.

Too many things keep bothering me.

The webbing back should be a Y-strap

More than the web gear just being the wrong type (I could have lived with that easy), and of far greater importance, it just doesn’t lay right on the model

The webbing looks too long and sits above yet weirdly conforms to the back instead of tightly drawing the webbing

When set next to the comparatively well modeled Tox-Field battlegear (IMO, a really excellently modeled cosmetic), this is readily apparent, they’re form fitting and tight without weirdly contorting or looking too long

Fatshark, you can do webbing, you’ve shown you can do it. Why the extra-premium “extended development” cycle highly-anticipated cosmetic can’t manage that is really frustrating. The other Krieg models are largely great, but this one clearly missed some QA review.

Between the rebreather unit being way too big and clipping into arms/weapons, the neck covering on the head cosmetic clipping out the back of the neck, the coating being modeled overly-large, the webbing being so poorly modeled, it’s really discouraging.


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