Vet Krieg set needs fixing!

It’s been a while and these clipping issues are still not fixed

And on top of that, the rebreather now makes no sense at all! This is how it should look:

The team who made the set doesn’t get key details about it’s design and so I will point them out… The hose is still missing!
1/3 of the “eyes” of the mask must be covered by the helmet, and this is KEY. Allow me to show this:

image image

This is what we got, and what it should be:

These are the shapes you are looking for

The lenght of the trench coat is also wrong… and it also looks like if a stick figure is wearing it.
Overall this is what the set should look like. (No, I didn’t get the legs.)


The in-game Vet Krieg cosmetic looks like someone’s faithful recreation of a Krieg cosplay costume made from disparate army surplus bits for a local con, not the actual DKoK models and art produced by Forgeworld. I ended up asking for (and getting) my Aquila’s back.

The chest rebreather sizing is the most mind boggling thing about this. It should fit entirely between the chest straps. They got the sizing exactly right on the Psyker. I don’t know why they just flattened it to look like a briefcase instead of just resizing the whole thing appropriately the way they did already on the Psyker.

(cribbed this from another player’s post) Chest unit should look like this.

Some of my own issues…

The webbing is too long/low and adheres to the body and the lumbar unnaturally, like an older 90’s arena shooter texture, but also somehow sits slightly elevated without touching the coat. This ends up looking really goofy, even with a backpack.

The straps are also the wrong type, this shouldn’t be an H-strap, they should be Y-straps on the back looking at every DKoK infantry model Forgeworld/Game Workshop has put out.

Y-straps. Looks tight but doesn’t squeeze to lumbar

the Tox-Field battlegear however doesn’t have this issue, some of the model artists seem to have this down, the coat fits nicely and the webbing looks tight and natural even with the H-straps, and it’s odd how this couldn’t be replicated with the DKoK webbing. I wouldn’t have minded at all if it looked like this.


lowering the helmet dose alot for it i think but i have seen this pic floating around and now i cant help but to want this. Also the coat need physics


Indeed. Both helmets look stupid silly as they are. Though I don’t think that necessarily the “eyes” shape should be changed, just lowering the helmet and changing it’s shape a bit to be more stahlhelm like would be enough.

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More examples

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