Vet Krieg Set looks botched

Anyone else feel the Vet Krieg outfit is awful?

  • Massive re breather on the chest,
  • No physics.
  • Trench coat looks like a child wearing a parents coat
  • Clipping between collar & mask.
  • No backpack

Even the shoulder pads seems off for me.
Seems like this ‘extra effort’ is just an excuse to ramp up prices for less.
Quality of the set is low, and you don’t get a weapon skin /charm with bundle.
Massive disappointment and wasted opportunity.


For me, this whole set looks like from a Nazi-Zombie game :grin:


I refunded my Vet Krieg purchase for exactly this reason. It feels like a first run test-piece, not a finished product. The coat is baggy and huge (and too short, coat is supposed to pin back below not above the knee), the chest rebreather is way too big and looks like a giant breadbag, the clipping is around the neck and chest is awful, the gas mask hose is missing entirely, and the webgear is both of the incorrect type and poorly modeled.

I could have deal with the wrong webbing, short coat, and missing mask hose, I get there are some limitations and some allowance for artistic license. The baggy appearance, enormous chest bag, and terrible webbing modelling just look thoroughly amateurish however. I might expect something like this as a fan-made skin.

For something that required “extended development” and was charged a hefty premium for it, there’s really no excusing this one.


And yet they had to raise the price because they worked so hard on it… Definitely not because they wanted to pinch more cash from the PC players who have been holding their 2500 aquilias for this exact cosmetic. Their tactics are so laughably transparent.


I’m just here to complain more because i actually wanted to buy these and cant due to low product quality.


Heh, nothing new


Wow seeing this is just making me sad.
The helm and collar make a huge difference. The Right picture looks so much better.


It’s not only the vet set, check the candles on the zealot shoulder. The candle flames are just offset of the candle.
Also the rigging of the coat was done poorly, the whole set looks really “cheap” to me.


THIS is how it should have looked regarding helmet, gas mask, and collar (with the unit identification tabs on the corner of the collars, but that is me being really picky). How we don’t have what is on the right absolutely astonishes me. It shows just how glaringly inaccurate the Death Korps skin is. It boggles my mind that the one on the left was good enough for them to release with a price increase.

Good grief.

How could they get the DKoK uniform so absolutely wrong?! HOW?!


It gets worse. You can see them in first person. The flames. The book on the right hip clips horrendously on 2h weapons like the hammer too. I like the zealot set OK since its for crazy people not sensible people worried about PPE. But yeah, its all very dissapointing.

How did you got about doing this? Steam doesn’t support refunds for in-game purchases.

Got my Aquila’s back, not my cash back. Can’t undo that, but can put it towards other stuff that that’s better modeled and doesn’t have the “extended development” tax.

May I ask what avenue you took to make that happen? Support ticket, discord, etc? Every source I look at suggests fatshark will not refund in-game transactions in any capacity, even a refund of aquilas. The more I look over the Vet Krieg skin the more I see that they got wrong, or just how buggy and low quality the skin is to begin with. I’d rather have those aquilas back to use on cosmetics of higher quality.

Support ticket, I included screenshots of things like poor clipping with weapons that isn’t obvious in the store, and where they got things right on other models (e.g. rebreather on psyker isn’t oversized) by comparison, and FS gave me the aquila refund.

Ended up going this route myself. Pictures of all the clipping and bugs, mentioned half the voice lines not being affected by the headgear as they should, and also included side by side comparisons of the in game model vs the official artwork of the regiment they’re advertised as modeling after. Hopefully I manage to get the same treatment!

In any case, thanks for the replies!

There was no “extra effort.” They just want to milk more money from the player base, and it’s working…

it would be nice to see this skin get another pass, the rebreather box on the chest really needs do be scaled down its so big theres no way you could aim a rifle with it on.

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The chest box was the biggest thing for me, it’s just plainly 3x oversized and should never have made it past a simple QA test. It’s absurdly huge next to the original art/models and clearly and obviously clips into arms and weapons.

The vet Krieg cosmetic looks like someone at a Con cosplaying a Krieg guardsmen using look-like kit from an army surplus site (complete with the coat that’s clearly two sizes too baggy), not an actual artistic rendering of the Forgeworld Death Korps models.


i really hope they do something to it but with main controversy of the xbox free money thing im afraid the kreig set will be forgotten

When I was refunding the set, I asked about if it will be fixed.
They said it is on the list, but who knows what the fix will include and when it will be.