Krieg Guardsman outfit for Veteran

I know this topic has probably been brought up before, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to talk about it and see what others think. It would be amazing if a full-fledged Krieg Guardsman outfit (with included backpack) was added to Darktide, particularly for the Veteran since he can use the Lucius Lasgun and such. I think some Regiment specific outfits, particularly an outfit of the fan favorite Death Korps would be a great addition and it would be pretty popular if done right. If it does get made, I really hope the designers put a lot of time and effort into it. Krieg themed Cosmetics for the Lucius Lasgun variants and the combat shovel would be fantastic too!


Yes please - haven’t bought any cosmetics since the steel legion uniform - this would be my next buy.

Though I personally would prefer the greenish camo scheme :slight_smile:


we have the Lucius lasgun were missing our kreig.

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only a matter of time

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Looks like it’s in the game files now, although the lack of gas mask hose for the most basic VIIIB gas mask helmet combo just looks jarring

Maybe hopefully, it’s resolved when the skin is released, pretty promising so far!

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it is kinda wild to me that we have had maybe one 100% visually accurate skin so far in the steel legion, all the other lore skins are slightly off their inspiration or reference image

I don’t think it’s gonna change, as that would break on every other skins

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Yeah, I was being optimistic, but I think the most likely fix might just be:

  1. Gas mask filter (chest) bag part of the headwear: Putting on the headwear will result in the chest bag appearing no matter the outfit, would fix the lack of hose but likely will result in clipping issues depending on costume
  2. Have the hose attach to the backpack: Might result in weird clipping if you don’t have an (oxygen tank) backpack, or might result in a floating hose at the face if the hose is part of the backpack… or the hose could just lead to nothing and loop around like the Moebian gas masks
  3. Have the hose appear if you have a specific costume combination: If you have both the Krieg uniform and gas mask, the hose appears in all its glory, but you need to have both equipped at the same time

It’s rather strange to me since every canon appearance of Krieg Guardsman as of late has a fairly consistent portrayal and appearance and Fatshark falls a little short with how one of their their most iconic piece of equipment (the gas mask with hose going to the chest) for something as prominent as Krieg.


With the amount of time, money and effort, and again time, money and effort I have willingly and with JOY invested to all things 40k, it’s sort of horrible how bad Fatshark seems to be in making me want to buy stuff. I tried the shop today, and only thing I got offered was the Comissar thingy. Comissars are… well, Im’ sure you know. If I show up as one, I’m expecting to be able to execute people. It’s just not the funny hat ffs. Buuut, funny hats sell and now your ex-convict REJECT can be a Comissar if only you care to pay. Does the Comissar come with anything more? Nope, it’s just a funny hat comissar. Nvm.

Edit: I forgot to add that it’s usually very optimistic to hope for consistent visuals you PAY FOR. Best Fatshark can usually do is “some part of you is sticking out, or you have no hair now.”

Edit2: Also I came to think that is the Comissar just now coming out? What a coincidence. It’s almost like they planned to sell this a DLC but just couldn’t because they had all of 1k players left and maybe somebody in charge thought they’d get sued if they ever admitted to 1 new path per quarter as they claimed.


isn’t that the exact same mask they used for the steel legion just with a different color (the helmet is new though) - I really hope that this isn’t the “High production cost resulting in higher prices…”

Also the hose was already missing for the legionaire so obviosly FS is cool with missing hoses ^^

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They’re apparently cool with a few errors with the Veteran’s outfit.

  • Coat skirts (see French M1877 greatcoat for reference):
  • They’re too short and should reach down to above the ankles. The front skirts, if unbuttoned, would be longer than the ones at the rear which makes no sense.
  • There are splits up the sides (why?).
  • Where is the bayonet & entrenching tool combo hanging from the belt? Instead we have some odd little dagger (see: 5).
  • The collar:
  • It is weirdly modelled. The actual pattern of DKoK greatcoat’s collar is taller and close to the neck.
  • On the corners of the collar there should be a triangular swatch of colour for the unit’s identifying colour (which could just have been red for Inquisition).
  • The lack of mask hose etc.
  • The random aquila badge pinned on the left breast. DKoK Korpsmen do not go for austentatious displays on their uniforms, that is for standard issue items equipping officers or those with seniority. Also, a Korpsman using non-standard issue equipment with that little knife? Most unusual for a regiment whose whole thing is faceless, nameless near-identical human automatons who have a single purpose which is to die for their God-Emperor.

As we’ve seen through previous outfits, Fatshark come close but fail to deliver properly, especially when you consider that the source material is there, over 25 years of it! You can look up the Death Korps sketch amongst the Imperial Guard regiment depictions in the 3rd Ed Codex and they look more accurate than what we have here! Look! Third row, fourth from the right.

(I know, it might seem that I am over-reacting but the DKoK have been my go-to Guard regiment since they appeared on the Forgeworld store, so getting them right is important to me.)


I’m torn.

I do generally like the Krieg cosmetics BUT…

  • the price inflation is absurd and the explanation treats us as idiots
  • the missing hose is really bothering me
  • No Backpack? Seriously?

To be faire, in the only fully named team of penal company (shaeffer last chancer in one of the old imperial guard codex) there was a former commissar. “hero” who was sent to the penal company because he refused to give a useless and suicidal order to charge a fortified position.

second line third place

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Hm the new Krieg cosmetic doesn’t look all that much like actual Krieg to me.
What’s the reason for such a price hike btw? It’s not even a full outfit with weapon skins and backpack :confused:
This bums me out
Also Krieg troopers don’t have names they have numbers, so why does the cosmetic shop give them names?

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Lore inconsistency - in Steve Lyons‘ novels and forgeworld codices they have numbers as you say.
In the kill team Octarius rules and other novels they have names.
I believe the name is even taken directly from that rules book.

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Ugh what’s this world becoming?
Did the new lore explain why they have names now?

Was about to say “Scumbags” but then I saw the +200 bonus. Still, over a tenner for a single character skin is bloody ridiculous so I suppose it still stands


Did they just introduce the 2.9k tier just to milk the krieg skin? Has anyone tested it, does it do anything besides being "The Krieg Skin"™ to justify the price hike? Because this thing better come with an integrated nude mode API to allow us to mod in nude anime waifu/husbando models for all skins and characters. That or it has an escort service subscription along with it.

If they’re going to introduce super premium skins they might as well add in voicelines, unique portrait borders, emotes, character name change, etc. all tied to equipping the premium set. Have it basically convert your character to the one described in the loreblurb or someone related (to account for dupes). I’d pay as much as 20bucks (as opposed to the current 14/15$) for something like that, but if this is just a way to milk skins that are in popular demand without putting in additional work into em, f*ck that.

I feel like a scumbag for suggesting this, but if they want to actually get away with monetizing and charging inane prices for skins they need to learn from Riot’s approach over at League of Legends, and actually make the skins be PREMIUM™ quality with PREMIUM™ belts and whistles if they want to convince us to pay PREMIUM™ prices.


A nitpick, but to TBF, you can see they’re clipped up to make it shorter. Probably a consideration to avoid clipping during running and walking anims. Also, if we’re being realistic, Soldiers would modify their coats like that (in situations where they wouldn’t be disciplined for it) to make the coats/uniforms easier to move in. I understand that this last bit might not apply to Kriegers lore-wise, but I refuse to believe they’d be THAT moto to be discipline over practically (this is headcannon territory for me though).

I think this is just a case of technical limitations clashing with the original design.

It might just be me and poor hearing, but is anyone else noticing the helmet does not seem to add the usual muffled voice that some headgear does? The veteran’s voice sounds as if he’s speaking normally despite the gas mask.

Edit: Also just noticed the neckwrap below the helmets clips like crazy through the coat in the back.