Shade Cosmetics?

Hi guys, just wondering if Anyone got a cosmetic for the Shade carreer from a commendation chest.

My friend did. It looks awful imo. It’s not that bad, it’s just doesn’t fit at all. Looks like a Handmaiden helm, and not that good-looking tbf.

Also feel free to visit reddit or wiki for screens. There should be plenty of them there by now.

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I got one:


It’s the one in challenges that you get from 100 runs of champion or higher, so feeling pretty lucky that I didn’t have to grind it out.

Also got this one:

@NikKotovski is this the handmaiden-looking one you meant?

It looked like that, but it had a gem at the forehead. I think it was shorter too.

I got a gold skull for the face.

They are both the same the other one just has a crest WTF fatshark.

At least they exist, i opened 200+ commendation with my Shade and Nothing :slight_smile:

No it’s not the one from the challenge. There are 3 hats per career that you can get in commendation chests, but the ones from challenges are unique, and the only way to get them is playing 100 champion runs or above.


Got 3 on 1.1 launch from ~50 chests, I’ll post pictures later if you want to see them, wasn’t too special though and I’m more keen on getting the mastery cosmetics and border atm

Thanks good to know, I thought it was the same but kinda hard to tell with those tiny pictures on the challenge board. Should have double-checked the name!

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