Curious about the cosmetic drop rate

it is not a critique because I genuinely dont know, but want to know

Its around 2% per comm chest


and you can get a hat for ANY career with that Hero so you most likely wont get what you want

I got something cool though. Yes got lucky fast, which is cool

I opened 16 comms chests today. Got 3 hats for wizard. 2for BW and 1 for Pyro. Didn’t really look much tho, but atleast I got them.

Can scratch them off of my list. :+1:t2:

from 206 comm chest i got 3 hats and 2 reds so far

just finished my 100 games with Handmaiden to get the headgear and out of all the com chests I didn’t get a single headgear except the ugly gold mask for the druchii class which I don’t play and I hear people opening way less with less levels and getting em like crazy…it feels bad man but I got this 100 games one so its okay I guess …it doesn’t really feel that good as its not rare as the others

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