So you can now easily buy a hat via lohner's that took you 100 successful legend runs before?

just saw one Video of vt2 lohners of the slayer hat, that you could buy for 150 shillings.
As I am not able to validate it myself currently, I hope that this is not the case!!
It took me a lot of time to complete 100 successful legend runs with one class, so if you could just buy it now out of the store and skip the initial quest, this would be really depressing.

If you complete a challenging quest, it should be rewarding and something that you can be proud of and also show off a little.
(Yes legend is not that hard anymore, but 100 games still take atleast 80 hours+… )

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The purpose of the Emporium is to give players a way to work towards the cosmetics they want without having to rely on the rng of commendation chests. Rewards from challenges are (as far as I can tell) not in the Emporium.


I haven’t checked that thoroughly but I haven’t seen any 100 games hats, although there are a few new ones that look similar to other cosmetics allready existing in live.

Basically the store currently have the three hats you can obtain from comm chests plus one new hat.

On a side note it’s either legend and/or champion games.

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I think Saltzpyre’s 100 games hat is in there; I remember being a bit shocked seeing it there.

Oh no, I’m wrong, it’s a different hat with a scroll on it, haha.

If this issue is true, however; I kind of agree with OP that prestige items should remain prestige items.


This, and I haven’t seen any indication to imply that the system will be otherwise. That said I would still like to see some high investment shilling “prestige items” as well. But we’ll have to see how the new cosmetics introduced work.

OP is right: Cosmetics from challenges should be obtainable only through completing the respective challenges.

Just checked LE and couldn’t find any 100 games hats, though.


None of the challenge cosmetics (complete all helmgart maps on champ/legend, complete 100 maps on champion and above, etc) are available in Lohner’s Emporium, and I doubt they ever will be.


100 runs hats can’t be found into the Emporium.


Reward hats should definitely not be purchasable in the store. But reading the replies, it seems they aren’t, so FS already caught that one.

Also, 1600 hours in game I only have a few hats (mostly 100-win hats) so I’m happy to be able to earn/buy some.

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