100 games hats

Am I the only one to believe that 100 games hats are lazily picked and anticlimactic to get?
In V1 red hats were the most to stand out, it was obvious that that is the red hat. They were either most beautiful or pompous or just big. But hey Stood out and you wanted to get them badly.

In V2 now the most difficult hats to get are the 100 games hats. Yes, we have so rarely dropping commendation chests hats but with the Lohner Emporium upcoming in the future, I feel like the 100 games hats will be the hit since the rest you can simply buy.

But these 100 games hats are dissapointing to say the least. While some of them do look kinda cool (the best is the Huntsman’s hood in my opinion), some of them are just… ugh. Specifically Sienna’s two first carrers, Waystalker’s, Salzpyre’s WHC, Zealot’s and Kruber’s FK (because of his unsightly mustache. Please make the helm closed).

Waystalker’s 100 games hat is absolutely abhorrent. A scrap of bark and a sock, really? And Zealot’s one is ridiculous. It’s just a huge lump of poop pie on his forehead. I mean… really

Another thing with the cosmetics is that on certain characters, such us, again, Waystalker, Bardin Ranger Veteran, Ironbreaker, Foot Knight and some others it is impossible to pair a hat and a skin apart from default one. The worst case is a Waystalker. Having so many beautiful skins she can not wear them because they are out of color with the hat, and the hat is actually a part of a cape wich is different with every skin.

It would be really great to address in the Lohner Emporium upcoming big update.


They’re more a source of frustration than anything else, I think.


I have found you, brother! I’m saying it since d1… that mustache are… :nauseated_face:
Bogenhafen DLC is worth even just for the FK’s helmet.

p.s oh right, I agree also about mismatch between skins and hats.


Oh man, when i got Shade 100 hat i was so happy because it looked cool.

And my friend player Slayer and he got his, he uninstalled game and never played to this day again.

You would really expect for slayer to get bigg mohawks and even bigger fluffy mohawks, but nah.


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