Sanction the More Hats mod or officially allow certain hats to be equipable by other characters

without hat combinations like Demon Sienna or fancy bounty hunter being a possibility i’m suddenly way less motivated to play towards getting hats…

and with this comment from Fatshark_Hans

having the wrong cosmetics on some characters just looked plain broken. We don’t want players to get turned off by that on the official realm.

You can still goof around on the modded realm - that’s what its there for.

it sounds like Fatshark don’t plan on approving the More Hats mod

i can understand not wanting everyone running around wearing the Ironbreaker hat but please fatshark save FashionTide and reconsider Sanctioning the More Hats mod or officially make select hats available to more than there originally intended Career


There is no reason for stuff like Sunset Bonnet be locked to Huntsman when it fits absolutely perfectly on both FK and Mercenary (and Bounty Hunter). Surely going through the list and checking out which hats would work on which careers wouldnt be more than a day’s work?

More Hats mod breathed some actual life into Fashiontide, and while it sounds petty it sucks some interest from me for starting the game when I’m back to wearing the bucket on FK…


People need to be punished for having fun and disrupting the neckbearding! Thats not what these holy halls are supposed to be, thats not what they were build for.

Make all hats wearable for the class which the player farmed the same map for at least 2000 hours with and we can talk but making completly cosmetic features just plain and simply avilable for every filthy casual? Man thats INSANE!

While I see the reasoning on fixing the weird hats making their way to Official Realm (and besides, the More Hats mod wasn’t the only one affected), don’t shut off the possibility of the mod being denied approval completely. As far as I’ve understood it, part of the approval process is giving feedback to the modders so they may tweak their mods (or build several versions of them) so that they have a better chance of getting approved. In this case, that tweak could be limiting the hat exchange to be between one character’s careers, for example, instead of everything being free-for-all. That way the most blatant weirdness (and downright graphical glitching) would be culled while still giving extra options for everyone to wear. Just, instead of a bearded and pot-helmed (and large-nosed, with everything clipping through things) Sienna, you could see an Ironbreaker with a mohawk.

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literally no one got “turned off”. ffs fatshark taking away fun from some misplaced worry about players getting turned off.

nice job listening.


I really hope that FS will make some hats wearable by more than 1 career.

Or work something out with @Aussiemon for a lore-friendly mod version, that will be approved.

Btw i have 2 hats from 700 hours played, one of them dual mohawk… so you can imagine how i’m a bit sad, that they removed a huge customization option. And by ‘huge’ i mean relatively speaking, relatively to no choice at all.


Classes should have its own style that suits them and be easily distinguished. You have your modded realm for this nonsense.

Nice attitude, and boring at that I might add.

Anyway, careers are already easily distinguishable from their outfit, career related voice lines and portrait. I see no reason why merc and knight shouldn’t be able to pick up huntsmans bonnet, when he even used it in the first game. Some of these restrictions are dull, I’m not saying open them all obviously. But some really makes sense.


Same, i played 100 champion games just to get the witch hunter captain hat so i could use it on bounty hunter,

without the option to do that any more i’m not only disappointed i cant use that hat any more I’ve lost the interest i had in doing the same on other characters

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They have to take immersion into account. Seeing Slayers with half of a hat inside their head and the rest poking out around certainly broke mine.

It shows the game in a bad light if it’s allowed on the ‘official’ version of the game.

I see why this can be seen as sucking fun out and the want for more hats etc though.

Just hope for a mod which allows you to see a different hat on your character and everyone else sees what you actually have on.

Or better just white-list a lore-friendly, no-nonsense version of “more hats” mod (which isnt done yet though). I dont like inconsistency in character or world representation between players.



so long as they make it client side only so the rest of us dont have to see it dont see why not , doubt its a priority though

meanwhile people that were enjoying the extra customization are getting turned off by the change because they’ve lost that customization

the droprate is already so garbage, for the few hats that are in the game
we need more hats and a higher droprate, maybe even let them drop from regular chests and not just commedation chests


Why don’t we just give everyone all the hats for nothing and they can stfu?


i could see that suiting Kruber

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Commissar Saltspire.

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