Hat Control - aka cover that ugly balaclava with your hood, kerillian

Naturally this will only interest modded realm players but yeah.

You know how some of Kerillian’s hats look awful because they remove her hood for no reason? Well, I think that’s terrible, so I made a mod.

Naturally there’s clipping issues, but I think it’s nice that it can at make some hats that would otherwise be too horrendous to use look good enough to wear.

Basically the mod adds a toggleable menu that lets you change how your character’s skin interacts
with whatever hat you’re wearing.

As a bonus, those using the mod ‘More Hats and Frames’ (which lets you equip hats from another class or character), you’ll know normally this can end up looking really bad if the default way in which the skin tries to interact with this hat looks bad. The mod can circumvent that by letting you try out different settings that can make the incompatible hat actually work.


I remember someone mentioning this and even making some mock-ups of these weird skull-cap hats with the cape 2 years back.
It would look so much better. If Fatshark does not want to add hair to these skull-cap hats (for whatever reason) then at least a simple hood cover up would suffice.

Won’t hold my breath.


An excellent idea! …But the clipping bothers me even more. :confounded: Nothin’ you can do about that though I s’pose.

Nope, nothing I can do about that haha.
Yeah I think the only people that will get a real benefit out of this mod is players who can stomach the clipping (to be fair, it’s barely noticeable when seen from a normal distance) and users of the Give more Hats and Frames mod.

The latter in particular is because, like, when you wear a hat for the wrong class or character, it can sometimes end up with the skin not knowing what to do about it and clipping terribly. The mod can let you fix that by switching to another ‘skin setting’ when this happens, like in the example with Waystalker’s wooden mask when used on Shade, things like that.

But, truth be told, literally the main reason I made this mod is because of what @Jaffawer said! I think there’s a real argument for Fatshark adding ‘hooded’ versions of some of the more unpopular hats, and I figured I’d make this mod to take some screenshots and prove my point, lmao.

I’ll make the thread with the idea after the beta ends, I doubt FS is taking much of a look at non-beta feedback rn.

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How much control over individual elements of character models can you have with modding? I’m wondering if anyone has tried how the Handmaiden’s premium cosmetic helmet looks with Kerillian’s balaclava removed. The vertical slit of the helmet is so thin that most of the time you should only see a hint of her face anyway.

Nah, that can’t be done. Or rather, it can’t be done easily.

For example, in the case of the cosmetic you’re citing (and every single balaclava cosmetic handmaiden has, while we’re at it), the balaclava is actually part of the hat’s model.
Hypothetically, you could rip the model of the hat with ninjaripper, edit it in a 3d modelling program like blender or whatever, and then ram it back into the game through a mod(?). You’d specifically have to remove the balaclava, and add in a model of Kerillian’s head.
Now that sounds sorta doable, but the fact that no one has done this in around 3 years should give you an idea of how much of a headache that’d be. The “jam it back into the game through a mod” part is prolly a bigger hindrance than it seems.

But, I’m not an expert or anything, I’ve barely started doing stuff, maybe one of the veteran modders of the modding discord can tell you that it’s actually more doable than it sounds.

I figured that might be the case. Thanks for the info!

Oh definitely! There’s a reason why my favorite hats for Handmaiden and Shade are their default starters. Well, that and because they actually change color when you put on a different body skin, which only further validates the stance that Fatshark should make other hats change colors too, but that’s another issue entirely.

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