Kerillian's face :O

My queen looks like a burn victim :frowning:

from deviantart, one can dream, LOL

yea, I’ve had it glitch a few times while switching between HM hats. And she’s completely bald lol

Still not as bad as the 100 champ/legend clear hat. It’s a green ski mask with a piece of bark on the left side. Goes so well with my black armour lol… At least put the bark on both sides so it looks like wings or something. Who ever designed the 100 clear hats, can you please slap them for me @Fatshark_Hedge The only hat I’m actually interested in getting is the unchained one, cause it looks a bit like those dudes from Lord of the Rings.

Wow 100 win ww hat sounds almost as good as conehead HM hat.

I got that conehead hat a few days ago. Man, it’s disappointing.

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i like this from FiRez-DA

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