Some hats should be changed


I think some new hats look especially lazy or bad, but they could be improved easily. I’m thinking about that one for the handmaiden :

Gosh it looks bad. Kerillian just looks like she’s bald. We know that she has beautiful hair, it would be so much better if she was unmasked, only with that tiara. Or at least, put her the hood, as the default helmet.

And that one for RV :

(thanks to cam00 for the screen)

It’s so lazy, only the nose guard is different. It’s even difficult to notice it… I saw a cheater with a custom hat, two days ago :

It looks amazing and unique with a hood. Moreover, it’s lore-friendly.

I think these minor adjustements would improve these useless cosmetics.

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u wot m8? R U NUTS?
FS need to port Waitintide on xbox first. No time for pc.

y u do dis ? I was just dreaming, dude.

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