No Mask Kerillian

hi there
how about a cosmetic for Kerillian that does not cover her whole face?
like a helmet or an elven circlet , etc
it would be nice

thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Or it’s almost as if the fact that she always has her face covered up means that it’s kind of a big deal that she does. It’s not by coincidence that you never see her face, glitches aside.

Yes she is a fanatical muslim :stuck_out_tongue:


I had nightmares when I first saw her face during a glitch, my god.

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Doesn’t look that bad on shade.


When it glitches on HM, she has no hair besides that strand at the front, looks like an albino cäncer patient with black eyes.

I don’t know if it has a more general lore background, but Kerillian being always masked is a conscious choice from the designers. There likely are at least personal reasons for it (which I’d like to hear at some point). It may or may not have something to do with her past and the “mistake”… But as such we are unlikely to get Unmasked Kerillian unless we also get a story about her specifically. The few glitches also hint that her face isn’t all that accurately designed under the masks, not necessarily even changed that much from some default, so it would likely need some (subtle) changing to her existing assets. Besides, now it’s just part of her mystery.

I personally would like more to see a hat for Kerillian with her hair exposed. Just pull her hood down as she finally relaxes a bit with her comrades-in-arms. Although I really doubt we’d get even that.

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