"Oh no! People are having fun with hats! We better put a stop to this!"

Come on, Fatshark.

“The game now validates equipment and cosmetic items, so that you can’t end up with Bardin’s hats on Kerillian’s body. Now, fun times in the modded realm won’t spill over to the more serious, official realm.”

spending any time killing fun instead of fixing the numerous remaining problems in your game.

just stop.


Mod realm stuff carrying over to official is a big deal… It wasn’t just hats.


According to the patch notes it is

Seems like a fine fix to me.

While the hats were the things mostly seen in Official Realm, the same bug allowed the results of Double Up mod (and possibly others) brought into Official side. That in turn led to things like completely infinite ammo on anyone. So no, while the patch notes only mentioned hats, it didn’t only affect that. Besides, the freely exchangeable hats caused some very weird-looking things. The devs apparently try to keep the Official Realm at least somewhat serious.


The whole point of the official realm is to have the intended End Times experience, that includes everything being lore friendly. Kerilians running around with Bardin’s head is amusing but makes no sense.


I love the fact that they decided to remove this. Thank you very much for doing this Fatshark!
Not only because it disables (hopefully?) other mods carrying over, but because I hate having weird cosmetics show up like that. That s**t belongs in the modded realm, where I will never go.


Remember kids, this is weird and gross:

We like having these hats on careers that they absolutely don’t fit, that’s just how we roll.


That IS weird and gross. But hey, if that’s your taste… :laughing:

But yeah I do agree that all careers should have access to all hats for that character. (Seems silly that they don’t, really)
Just no craziness like Sienna using Bardins head, or Kerillian with a mohawk and messed up face…

Fun ? More like stupid and annoying. Thank you for quick fix FS.

still, beyond characters owned hats there are some really cool combinations that suit just fine like Demon Sienna which is actually an Kerillian Handmaiden hat, you gotta admit it looks vastly better than a lot of Sienna cosmetics


No, Its not fine. That hat has obvious elf traits. Just be patient and wait for more hats from patches. No need to make a circus from this game.

Remember that FS also has a license on an IP in this game, so they do have an obligation to keep the official realm somewhat consistent with that.


Nice Ad hominem attack and name calling. Trying to devalue current argument showing that person was wrong sometime in the past and straight offending them. :+1:


Glad they’ve finnaly fixed it. I was getting tired of kicking these people out of my games…

And I am “glad” that Legend Huntsman skin is yet again unusable.

My only issue is them fixing this before fixing helmet recolors… Unless I missed something and they fixed that too.

It’s funny, because he’s a hypocrite. Also, it’s not his first hypocritical post. He’s a whiny millennial, who complains just to complain. If they brought back the hat bug, he would be here complaining about other exploits people start bringing over from the mod realm.

So… People are prepared to have some potentially serious game breaking bugs where modders might have been able to twist all kinds of things in the official realm … as long as they feel pretty.

Someone get a grip. I’m really glad the possible exploit was exposed by people wearing idiotic hat combinations so thank you for bringing this to the dev’s attention.

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