Please look over the vanity options. Unlogical and buggy

I know this is not highpriority but it is really something that has bugged me for a while.

Let me start with saying that I really love the grit and the rough appearances of the characters. It is more a complaint about lazy/shabby made options for the player.

1. Facial hair and eyebrows are not separated on males (don’t know how it works on females).
When I find a hairstyle I want on my character the eyebrows comes with it, which in 95 % of the cases just plain wierd or off.

2. Some eyebrows, hairstyles and beards are off.
They are not fitting the face and seem just smacked on a random location on the face.

3. The coloring of the outfits and mismatches.
It feels like someone just pressed randomize on the colorpalette. You have some green chestpieces which color does not go well with some green pants. Same with blue etc etc. And some have one color on the chestplate that really looks wierd with the shirt underneath.

4. Clipping outfits/headpieces.
Still a thing.

These are small things that could easily(?) be fixed for the QOL sake of many players. I am sure I am not the only one being bugged out by this.

Thank you.


Fatshark has a bad habit of being allergic to hotfixing things that are easy to fix. They only hotfix things that fundamentally break the game.


They can’t even really argue that a dye system would be too complex to add because:

  1. There’s already a mod that does this and,
  2. I’m pretty sure they already utilize a sort of palette swap system on their end

I doubt any of these sets are actually baked with these textures.


I think it would benefit Fatshark aswell. Sometimes what makes a game feel “solid” is not the big snazzy updates but the small things. The attention to detail.


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