Portrait Matching Head/Headpiece

I bought some of the cosmetic DLC, and I find that I look at the player portraits more than their actual faces or models. I would much prefer the player portrait change with the current head or headpiece equipped.

They would have to add in portraits for every single head piece in the game for that.
I don’t see that happening.

Or they could auto generate the portrait icon at load time with a specialized head render, which would work for all cosmetics, weapons, and skins, present and future. Just set up a narrow angle render frustrum and store the render onto a canvas in memory.

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And that is not going to bug horribly somehow, with prior and ongoing history in mind?

We still got literal crashes and other things like bugs that make some gamemodes a pain to play for several careers! Fixing this stuff comes before minor cosmetic sparkles. But after those things are done then sure, why not i guess.

Lohners emporium already does it, it’s just a matter of rasterizing the render to mitigate any performance issues.

Fatshark sets priority and determines effort anyway. They might not prioritize it, but they might still add it to their backlog.

There might be a game design reason they wouldn’t want to change it, too, to keep the icons clear and easily identifiable. But that’s their call.

Anyway I think it could be a cool feature. Not at the top of my list but hey, ya know, whatevs.

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