Portrait Frames and Hats

  1. Give us an opportunity to get all the portrait frames (Champion of Khorne, Rhya’s Blessed, The Eternal Serpent etc.) on the upcoming events or through Okri’s Challenges.

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  1. Give us an option to remove the headgear from all the characters. Here for comparison how Kruber looked in VT1 without a hat (thanks to More Hats mod)

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I don’t know… these are just portrait frames - a purely cosmetic items that do not affect the game experience whatsoever.
I’m not saying that cosmetic items do not matter (depends on the player). I personally enjoy collecting cosmetic items, but if guys at Fatshark want to make something unique for those who participated in a particular event, why not?

Sure, some may argue that it’s unfair because they weren’t given the opportunity/couldn’t attend but then again, it’s just a portrait frame (besides, making them publicly available would take away their “charm”), and hey… there are plenty of nice frames out there :slight_smile:

FS is just trying to do something nice as a way of saying ‘Thank you’. Don’t take it too seriously.


I’m not a completionist, but I really like Vermintide and I wanted to finish all Okri’s Challenges and to get all the hats, legendary weapons etc. and when you understand that you can’t get everything from the game, well you know… :pensive:

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Try looking at it from a different perspective. Don’t consider these special frames to be a part of the game, but rather a special gift from FS that you can display in game.

Exclusive stuff is always annoying for completionists, but as long as it’s cosmetic only (and a relatively irrelevant cosmetic too, imo) it doesn’t really matter much. There also isn’t any additional bragging rights associated with collecting everything. I have enough of a completionist in me that I get sad when I see special stuff which I have no chance of getting (the irl event frame, for example) and that it annoys me if I miss stuff that I could have gotten but missed (none happened, yet, but the event frames requiring quickplays are a candidate), but I find them unimportant as they don’t really affect anything in the end.

That said, I wouldn’t really resist if some of the earlier event frames and such were allowed to be gained at a later day. Many of the in-game events, after all, featured two (or more) frames, and while keeping one as a completely exclusive thing to show “I was there originally”, the other could easily be available later too. Heck, as most of the exclusives really only show off the time a player has been playing the game (more or less actively), I’d say even giving out all of the older ones could still work for that if they were spread over several years, to still make those who really want to complete everything to stay with the game and return to it over a longer time.

…Hm, somehow I feel I didn’t explain my point or idea well enough. Dunno, but I don’t really have an idea now how I could make it clearer. Oh, well.


Feel the same way, especially about these special anniversary Warhammer badges they were giving away at the Warhammer fest event. There is no licensed WH store in my area I could visit… :frowning:

What about these exclusive headgears in VT1? You can only obtain it with mods (thanks to modders) If Fatshark respect their customers, they need to give us an opportunity to get all this stuff.

I’d be happy with a mod that just cycles through my frames, displaying a new one every game. The irl frame I’ve only seen 1 person with it ever.

Personally, making 2d art seems a lot easier than other stuff so I’m a bit puzzled as to why there’s not a load more frames. If you taKe part in killing 1k trolls you get a troll slayer frame. You get the idea.

That’d actually be kinda fun. Possibly make it work similarly with other cosmetics… Please, go find a modder to suggest that to.

In all honesty, I don’t care about VT1 anymore at all. Unless you mean that you can get those modded in VT2, in which case they’re not unique - there are quite a few headgears that are (mostly) done already in the game files, but not accessible normally. They’re there awaiting for a suitable acquisition method, some fine-tuning and equal options for everyone.

Even though I’m slightly sad or annoyed about missing some frames, I find that they’re probably the best kind of in-game gift for participating in certain activities - real-life events, the Beta, or in-game events. They’re more of a reminder of those events than anything else, and as I said before, there’s no mechanical effect associated with them (unlike, say, event Pokemon in your game of choice).

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