Some choices FS made about hats that I don't understand


I know it’s details and it’s not that important but some things bother me. They did some things… Weird about a few cosmetics and I don’t really understand why.

When you look at characters artworks on their website, you can see that RV Bardin had the “Zulunbakiaz Nairikkit” : ranger

And IB had “Galar Konk” from VT1 : ib

(Another pic from that gif on Steam with in-game models) : dwarfhelmets

You’ve probably noticed that IB has now the “Zulunbakiaz Nairikkit” that you can get in commendation chests :

I remember his default hat was “Galar Konk” during the beta, and now, it’s just gone… Mmh, not really, it is now on the table near dummies in the keep :

And now, look at these new cosmetics for RV :

That middle one helmet… Seriously ? They just took “eyebrows” off… It’s sooooo lazy. Please FatShark, give “Zulunbakiaz Nairikkit” back to RV and “Galar Konk” to IB to replace it… It’s lazy to take back stuff from VT1 (like they did with new FK cosmetics for 1.1, they took back Blucher’s Helmet that is on the table too and Löwenhelm), but at least, they look cool and they are really different… And they are already is the game files, please give them to us.

Here’s another dwarf helmet that was in VT1 and already modelised in VT2, that you can see in Into the Nest :’s_Head_Gear Just look how cool some hats are in VT1. They can bring them in VT2 easily, but no, it’s seems that a default hat with an unique detail less is better.

Same thing happened with Zealot… He had a hood as you can see on this artwork :

It looks cool on him, they already have a model of it in VT1, they just have to change the texture, but no, it’s better to put two nails in his head lel…

In the release trailer, you can see some hats that didn’t made it too…

Ironside Helmet for Kruber, from VT1.

Unmasked Unchained, Eye patch for slayer and that amazing tricorne for Saltz.

I’m so disappointed with new cosmetics for WHC… Just default clay pipe with a feather, or a variant with a parchment… Tricorne and bicornes were soooo cool in VT1, just take a look here :’s_Head_Gear

Seriously, 1.1 is great for a lot of things. There are a nice amount of cool looking cosmetics, but a part of them are really lazy and disappointing. I hope they will bring back some of them in VT2. I think a lot of people want cosmetics as many as possible and don’t really care if a career has more hats than an other. Moreover, it’s easy stuff to do for devs. :slight_smile:

I hope this post will give them some ideas for another cosmetic update in the future.

Oh and, ears clip through theses hats :

It would be nice if you could fix this. :slight_smile:


+1 for IB’s helm, I don’t understand why this one isn’t implemented for Ranger instead

As I already stated, I am thankful that they have started to introduce new cosmetics… But it’s somewhat disappointing that there’s only just a handful of hats and as far as skins go, they’ve just recolored the existing ones. I hope that they will create and implement more unique hats and skins in the future.

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Yep. 1.1 is the real 1.0 in fact. I hope they will add more cosmetics in the future.

I laughed so hard after popping the chest with this ranger helmet.
Also neat recolouring.
They needed “content” and they needed it fast or no one would have been left in a few months to fix the big problems like shoddy coding, cruel balance and overall gameplay for. So thats what you do. Paint stuff red and alter existing styles.

People can now hunt for vet items, repainted armors, hats and are busy till next year when maybe the other stuff gets adressed.
Threads in the forum have already drastically changed topic wise compared to 1.08 so its working I guess.

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Yeah, that ranger helmet… It is the worst by far…
I understand that they needed content as fast as possible but I think it was almost as fast for them to import some VT1 models than make new hats with just an unique changing detail… I know some people think “just play for fun, don’t care about cosmetics” but for many people, obtain these cosmetics are fun. But I think what they’ve done will not be enough. It won’t last long. Challenges will be fun for a while but that daily quest is disappointing.

It’s a great update for the most part, but people wanted more diverse hats and skins. Not just default hats with minor changes, not just recolours for skins and I guess people don’t care that much about frames… This update lacks something. I just hope devs will add more challenges, hats and skins between each DLC maps.

Speaking of visual stuff that makes no sense:

And yes, that IB helmet truly belongs to the Ranger but I guess they simply had no IB helmets ready at the time…

False. As I said, that helmet from VT1 (Galar Konk) was there in the beta. So they just removed one hat for nothing.

I have that dwarf helmet too and the first thing I thought was “is this supposed to match that armour?”.

If it was in a rush to save playerbase I don’t mind. Hopefully they change it though. Would be awesome on RV.

Yes, it would look so much better on RV than IB. I hope they will change that someday. It would be cool if they could add new cosmetics with each DLC. I’d like to see some VT1 hats in VT2, with some new models too. :slight_smile:

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