Cosmetics you would like to see in VT2


I wanted to centralize all kind of suggestions about cosmetics for VT2. I’m sure there will be more updates with hats and skins in the future, and this thread might give some ideas to the devs :stuck_out_tongue:

Ranger Veteran
Zulunbakiaz Nairikkit (give it back to him instead of IB) :

Gromthi Rhinn (from VT1) :

Nuf Boga (from VT1) :

Galar Konk (to replace Zulunbakiaz Nairikkit, if they give it to RV, , already in the game files) :

Dal Grimazul (from VT1) :

Eyepatch (from VT2 release trailer) :

Ironside Helmet (from VT1, you can see it in VT2 release trailer too) :

Ward of Manann (from VT1) :

Death’s Head (from VT1) :

Foot Knight
Black Guard (from VT1) :

Default helmet with golden parts and feather (from VT2 image) :

Wild Rider Antlers (from VT1) :

Witch Hunter Captain
Bicornes, with face mask (from VT1) :

Hexentag Tricorne (from VT1, you can see it in VT2 release trailer too) :

Bounty Hunter
Kaslain’s Seal (from VT1, already in the game files, I think) :

Hood (VT2 artwork) :

The Ossuary (from VT1) :

Thalfang Brazier (from VT1) :

As you can see, almost every hats are from VT1. These look amazing and I would like to see them all in VT2 as well. I don’t really know WH’s lore, so don’t hesitate to post artworks or stuff from this universe, or other cosmetics from VT1 or other WH games. :slight_smile:


Pale Queen hat(v1) to go with my Helmgart skin on Keri!

how about a completely blood soaked armor :o?

dont have to look anything special except stained in blood

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They might add it. It’s basically a white recolour of Horns of Kurnous.

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I mean if they could just add all of the V1 hats it would be fantastic. Modders may end up doing it anyway.

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Yep. But I’d like devs to add as many hats as possible that you could get in chests or with challenges. It would be better to have them on official realm, imo.

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Slight correction: “will likely end up doing it anyway”, considering it’s already possible to fool around with other characters’ hats, the public’s wish for this and cosmetic mods being likely the easiest to make and implement. And the actual graphical resources already existing.

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Really hoping they allow modders to mess with old maps too. It would be nice if they found an easy way to port them forwards.

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Anything kislev themed for kruber or salt

Hard to find smth for mercenary, but FS will make some cool hats

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This one would be amazing with that new red skin for WHC.

This one is already in the game files too, you can see it on dead dwarves in Into the Nest !

Dead dwarves wore it too in Verm 1, so having these dead dwarf models in Verm 2 level doesn’t mean its adjusted to Ironbreaker or Ranger (positioning, making sure nothing is glitched, and matches the colour scheme of body).

Of course, but at least, the model is here. And we know how FS adjust their helmets correctly, ears clip through some hats, for Kruber (Conquistador helmet, since the release :slight_smile: ) and Bardin… Some colours are completely off with new skins too.

I saw every new hats that came with 1.1. Some looks nice (more or less), a lot of them are disappointing… VT1 hats were more inspired, at least for Kruber, Bardin and Saltz. I really hope they will port them quickly, as well as some new ones.

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can we have a rapier + flametorch for witch hunter captain c:?

already a thread for this in the lounge