Old Portrait Frames

Hello all! I recently started playing this game A LOT after having it in my catalog for quite some time. Recently I found out about some portrait frames that are not in the challenge book for past events, etc. Is there any way to obtain those frames currently or are they all locked behind the event?

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If it is really Event frames (for example from Sonnstill or Blood for the Bloodgod event) then there is currently no way get them. Same for frames from passed Weave Seasons.

No word from developers if the opportunity will ever rise again to unlock them via a “Event reloaded” or Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders.

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Am I the only one who likes seeing other players with cool frames, even though I have no way of unlocking them myself? Let the OG players have their exclusive bling! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Being able to get them through the Emporium would be cool, but could remove the feeling of ‘achievement’ from obtaining them, re-doing events would be the best of both worlds, you get a chance to get an old portrait and you still need to complete a challenge in order to obtain it.

While I do think giving exclusive content to the player base that has been with the gaming since the beginning is a good thing, the ‘completionist’ in me wants ALL THE THINGS!

I’m not opposed to FS reintroducing them myself, that as someone who has several - all the ones I like the look of in fact, but I can see the arguments against it.

If they added them to the Emporium at a high cost it’d at least keep them a bit more rare/exclusive - they could even make it you need to pay shillings and do a challenge to get them if people want a sense of achievement doing so.

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I like how overwatch does it with event skins. If you missed the event, you have to wait a year, but every year you get a crack at it.

In the meantime people who got it the first round enjoy 11 months of exclusivity.

For me, with frames, I don’t generally like things because they’re exclusive. I like them because they show what I’ve accomplished. So there’s no exclusivity draw. Well, I mean, there is a little natural exclusivity if the challenge is difficult, but that’s different.

I’m not particularly proud of just happening to be present at the right time to get a frame.

Also it’s fun when I see others have the same frame as me.


Yeah the OW event skins are done really well in my opinion, locking content behind timed events is something i’ve never been a fan of. But I also understand the reasoning behind them as a show of exclusivity for the more ‘veteran’ players over the years. Because when I see someone with an old frame in quickplay i sure as heck know i’m learning where all the tomes and grims are hahaha

Yeah and I think if you’re looking for a system for good time-veteran portrait frames, just grant them to people based on time played or something. That way everyone can get them eventually but the oldies will always be a step or two ahead.

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