IDEA: Make old event rewards available in the emporium

So I’ve been thinking. I know the purpose of the time-limited nature of these frames is to make them more valuable, but I think this can still be achieved while allowing new players who just weren’t playing during the time certain time-limited frames came out, to get them.
AND, we can tackle the issue of “some people just have thousands of shillings hoarded up and nothing to spend it on”!

So I’m thinking that, specifically for annual events like Vermintide’s anniversary, Sonnstill, Geheimnisnacht, Mondstill & Blood for the Blood God, when the event rolls in again, the previous rewards from these events could be added temporarily to a special section in Lohner’s Emporium.
So, for example, right now is this year’s Blood for the Blood God. A new section called ‘EVENT’ or something could be added to the emporium, where you can buy these frames:
image image
From the previous years. And they’d be hella expensive, like 1k or 1.5k.
Same with the time-limited paintings!

The expensive nature of these purchases on the emporium would help retain their value, and this would ONLY apply to frames/paintings from previous events. Brand new frames made for this year would still only be earnable through completing time-limited events and such.

It allows players who weren’t around during the original events to still work to get ‘em, it allows the hard work of the art team to keep on givin’, it makes it so each iteration of the event has ‘more stuff’, since the stuff from previous years wouldn’t be removed, it makes the events seem much more lively and complete, specially for new players.


I quite like the fact that some frames are exclusive to people who were playing when the game first released or those who were around during certain events.

That being said, if people were to be given the option to acquire them, I think your idea is a pretty good one and one of my favourites. The one change I would make though is that the shilling cost is a bit low, considering how many shillings people acquire.

I’m sitting on 6k+ and I dont even play that regularly anymore. Maybe bump up the cost to something crazy like 5k or have a tiered system where the cost increases slightly for every occurrence of the event, e.g:

1st repeat = 2k shillings
2nd repeat = 3k shillings etc.

Subsequent frames could be added in a similar manner.


This works for players who have shillings saved up when the events roll around, but even finishing all weeklies in a week wouldn’t allow a player to purchase a frame if they cost 1k and was not saving them up

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I’ve missed several events, but in all honestly I am not thrilled to make such things available for shillings. There should be a reason to stick around and play the event rather than know that you can pick up the rewards at a later time anyway.

If such things would be made accessable, put the costs in the tens of thousands of shillings. Meaning a really dedicated effort to be able to get hold of those things.


I agree with this. Having the option to get a frame that isn’t related to skill, like event frames, i’m not really against that. But we have to make sure we don’t decourage players from playing the current event.

So a high price in shillings for completionists would be fine i feel.


yeah good idea

I think Mattie and Haiken had good input in the other thread about this.

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I dislike this idea. Time-limited should mean time-limited. Also, I kinda like it that no frame can be purchased - it requires skill and dedication to get them. Should we put Cata frames in the Emporium too becuase some people like the way they look but don’t want to put in the effort? Time-limited frames reward players that supported the game in the ‘early’ days and have shown loyalty.

EDIT: My favourite frame is one I don’t own (I think it’s called the Eternal Serpent) - you had to attend “Warhammerfest” or something -, but i’m fine with that.

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There is a difference between skill frames and just ‘log in and play’ frames. If you can get a certain frame by doing an event and that event consists of just doing quickplays and get books ,then putting a shilling price on those could be fine because you obtain shilling by doing similar quests (books, art, qp). It would be bad if you could obtain them all the time in Le, but just making them come back for a very high shilling price when that event is going on could work.

If you wanna show that you got a certain, lets call them 'time frames (cuz u get with time not rlly skill), on a certain date then sure i would see why this wouldn’t be a good idea.

There are still issues with this suggestion tho

There’s a big issue with how you see completionnists. Completionnists want it all. Making a frame “even modified one” unavailable to them will make them crazy.
They won’t care about lifting exclusivity though.

Er, well, if you look above at my post, you’ll see it wasn’t really me who said that. I couldn’t care less about if completionists drive themselves crazy over something so trivial or about people thinking a frame you get for simply playing the game at the right time period is somehow less valuable if people can spend in-game currency on it. The quotes from others in my last message were a good attempt at a compromise for both of these types of people. All I wanted to do was acknowledge their contributions to the subject.

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Unfortunately I’m pointing this idea specifically does NOT compromise with one of thoses 2 types. Therefore not a compromise.

If you release the same frame with different tiers, and each player can only have 1 version of that frame, completionists would want the most prestigious one. Which would be the original one. I don’t see completionists being unhappy having the most prestigious frame while not being able to get the inferior frames. Late completionsts would of course not be 100% happy about not being able to get the original frame, but they would still be able complete their frame collection by getting an inferior version of the frame instead.

How many completionists would really say something like “I have the original frame, but I’m upset that I can’t also have the same frame with a shilling mark next to it, even though everyone else is also unable to have more than 1 version of each frame”.

We probably don’t have the same definition of completionnists. It’s not “achievement completionnists”. They only want to be able to access everything there’s available in the game.

At least 1, me.
I don’t seek for exclusiveness. I seek for a complete collection.

Your collection would still be as complete as the game would allow it, since the game would stop you from getting more than 1 version of the frame. It would be comparable to thinking your collection is incomplete because you don’t have cosmetics in official realm that you can only get in modded realm.

Because getting all tiers of the frame would be physically impossible, same as with getting items not yet released.

One group of people wants all frames to be made available. Another group of people doesn’t want their frames to lose some sort of value. A compromise is where you try to meet both demands halfway, which it more or less does. Theoretically most people should be satisfied with such a compromise. However, in reality it is impossible to please everyone. The compromise suggested by Mattie, Haiken, et al. is likely the best outcome possible to appease the largest number of players. Unfortunately, in order for a compromise to work, it inherently cannot please minority views on the subject.

Anyway, I guess I’m just arguing semantics at this point so I’ll shut up and leave ya be in a moment. Feel free to propose your own compromise for others in the thread to read. I get that you see the frame issue as something akin to wanting both a standard card and the foil version in a trading card game, but for most people who aren’t hardcore completionists, they are just happy to have a card they want, special edition or not. I hope that analogy is suitable enough for all sides to understand.

I don’t understand the whole discussion. It’s a limited time event frame… why should it be available again? Just because some ppl cry about not having it? Deal with it, end of story.
It’s like if League of Legends would sell Season 1 frames now, like:
“oh hey, you have a season 1 icon from 2009, holy sh!t you play the game for a long time”
“oh no, i just bought it for RP last week” ??? SRSLY ???
Imho it would be better if FS show some consitency and create those event frames on a regular basis… like for this year in a different appearance from last years frame… like they did last year, but for Khorne know why they didn’t. Players who stick around this time would get a similar frame stylewise and that should’ve been enough… :man_shrugging:

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There’s a third group that does say that frame does not lose value if there are cycling. That’s an approach that kinda a lot of modern games does. And it actually please both first groups.

Skills valued frames stays skills valued (so Cataclysm Fortunes of War frame will stay linked to actually being able to finish Cataclysm Fortunes of War). And timed event frames get thoses events cycling back into the game every year or so (like Khorne one). So they stays linked to the event.
Therefore everyone is happy.
There’s no “value” to be had by “excluding” some content from newer players. Especially since you can’t trade them.

It’s fun that you actually use this example as they did lift exclusivity on a lot of stuff (like “legacy skins”, “preorder exclusives skins”, “the good old rusty blitzcrank” etc)… Exactly because they faced so many demands.

Yes, they did that with Champion Skins afaik AND they added a border to the “original ones” but they did not do that with seasonal Frames or Icons what is closer to the problem we face here.
If FS decides to bring back the Zealot hat they made exclusively for charity for example (that’s more likely to compare with what Riot games did with discarded Champion Skins) I wouldn’t even care, there is no seasonal relation to it. What Riot Games did NOT do was a re-release of seasonal reward skins (if you played ranked for season X you got a skin if you reached Gold+).

If they didn’t “lift” all exclusivity, they lifted some (it WAS as exclusive as the rest and advertised as exclusives), that doesn’t mean they didn’t take a step into the right direction though (for a game which is pretty far from V2).
We see this same sort of steps in Guild Wars (1 & 2), Armello (which do have season stuff), Monster Hunter World (with “exclusives events rewards” coming back when event comes back), Diablo 3 SEASONNALS FRAMES (cycling back right now and this is probably a much closer game than LoL), Minions Masters (where event frames comes back in the shop only, despite the fact that you missed the event and / or season linked to it), etc…
This is really the modern solution that angries absolutely no one (I failed to see even one negative comment when any of thoses exclusivities were lifted) and please the newer players.