Geheimnisnacht Event - Please add an Event Frame this time around

The last Geheimnisnacht (same as the last two(?) Sonnestill Events) had no event frames. At the very least I hope they will enable the vampire teeth frame which you get by playing with another one using that frame. AFAIK this was enabled for the first two Geheimnisnacht events but then they just stopped and didn’t give out anything even though this frame was an amazing idea.

Anyways I also hope for new event frames/paintings, there have been so so few in the last two years compare to the first two years :frowning:

Let’s show fatshark, that this is more than a small wish of the playerbase and hope for them to hear us!! There even are still plenty of unused frames in the files and drachenfels still has no frames even though they are in the files already for example.


uhh, a nice trailer- let’s hope for the best!!