The Witch Moon Draws Near

Hey Fatshark!

Any plans to have Geheimnisnacht return this year? I would love to see Morrslieb hanging low in the sky over the Old World once again.


Why would it NOT return?
Supposedly they changed the code so they can do these events without a separate patch to activate them now, so there’s even less of a hurdle.

Let’s hope thats true! It would make sense for them to have scheduled seasonal events, unless they wanted to modify it from the previous year, like the spirit that followed you last Geheimnisnacht.

We’ll probably get the Weekly Event (the Stalker Leech) and the Geheimnisnacht keep decoration, but I do not expect anything new. MAYBE we’ll get a portrait frame, if Ranald is generous (Spoiler alert: he never is), but it probably is just the one from last year or a recolour. And as sad as it sounds, but i feel like my expectations are too high again already.

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My favourite event that I manage to miss every year :joy: I think I’ve played a total of 5 games during this event :frowning: the maps are so beautiful

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My experience of Ranald’s “luck” is usually a volley to the Love Spuds.

I hope we get something like the vampire-teeth frame. That was quite cool having it spread organically from 1(? I think it was one) Dev.

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