Geheimnisnacht returns!


Geheimnisnacht is the most ill-omened night of the year and with both Mannslieb and Morrslieb full in the sky only the strong and brave dare venture into the dark. During Geheimnisnacht it’s said that the veil between the living and the dead is thinner, and it is the perfect time to visit the Gardens of Morr to pay homage to the ancestors.

From now until November 7th , your time in-game will be a little more sullen. Taal’s Horn Keep will be all the Morr creepy, and adventure mode maps have been re-lit to mark the occasion.

Geheimnisnacht is available on PC (Steam), Xbox One and Playstation 4!

See you in the lobbies!


Is this just rhetoric or is there a secret to discover?!

It’s what we might call “fluff”.


Can everybody go check the closest brewery?
Okri again didnt show up to bless us with event quests. Might wanna file a police report.

No frame?

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When is this finally getting into standard “weather” rotations ? I’m still waiting :smile:


I’m just happy for the night maps, I wasn’t really expecting a Halloween event this year considering there’s another event already happening so I don’t mind there being no rewards

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Just out of curiosity but why aren’t maps like Dark Omens, The Pit, and Blightreaper not affected by the Halloween event?

I’d love to see Dark Omens in the spooky green night light.

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Those are affected, I think Dark Omens is kinda blue tone. The Pit is blueish also - one of my favorites and Blight is just more “green”.

Or at least that’s how it used to be in previously and on modded realm.

I played them all last night after the event started and they were the exact same. No changes.

Event lightings might be overwritten by some of the new weather variations. I’m pretty sure I had rain on Athel Yenlui but no Morrslieb. Dark Omens and Blightreaper definitely had different lighting for me yesterday, though.

Ah well, then it’s bugged.

I just wanted to say thank you for actually making events happen on consoles at the same time now, it’s not a big change but it makes me happy I don’t have to wait months for an event or not get one at all.


No, they weren’t changed last year either. I don’t think DLC maps apply to halloween event for some reason. I was just wondering why.

I’m 100% sure they do :wink: Played quite a few of those.

Here’s the Geheimnisnacht Pit for example :


Can we please at get a chance to at least earn the portrait from last year?

Idk what to tell you man but last year, none of the maps changed for me or my friends. They are still unchanged this year as well. Just played each map. No dark setting.

EDIT: Just played all of the Drachs maps as well and they appear to not have changed either. I can only experience the event on the original 13 maps.

Those worked last year for me, but I also tested the Pit yesterday and it didn’t work so they broke something, maybe because of the new weather types they introduced this year, who knows, I’m just saying it’s bugged, it should work.

As for Drachs maps, those “should” not work, since they never created night weather for those… I mean those frickin should work… they should just add the night mode for them if they want to run the event… but… it is what it is.

Imo, they should add this as standard alternate weather ages ago, there were many many posts about it on reddit and here also, with majority of players voting yes, but FS is stubborn and so what we get is half as*ed event for week or two and then it’s gone for a year again … for normal players. (ppl playing with friends on modded realm can play it anytime they want)

Maybe but I’ve never seen the DLC maps with the halloween night glow. None of my friends have either and we’ve been playing the game since Closed Beta Test. They have only worked for us on the regular maps.