Event night maps appreciation


So having played several games during the ongoing event it hit me that i actually really like the ambiance created by the added darkness, the heavy green moonlight and the pumpkins.

Yes, the pumpkins, they are important, and thematically fitting on the farm map.

The overall atmosphere i feel is a darker and somewhat more mysterious one than the usual daylight raids present than during normal times that´s also somewhat more exciting due to it encouraging one to be more careful about ambushes and sneak attacks in the dark.

Gutter runners are probably feeling right at home.

In addition it´s a nice break from the norm and having thought about it i really wana ask, is it not possible to have it be a randomized whenever we get day or night maps even without the ongoing event?

Just to mix things up and create some variance i mean, it would be nice-

However all in all i still want to state my appreciation for this event and it´s night maps, they are nice!


It could be an ongoing stuff, this ambient light change. Other games have that feature depending on what time is it at your place it changes the lights.

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Fatshark has stated before that they intend to keep the Geheimnisnacht lighting exclusive to a yearly event, along with the “A Quiet Drink” mission, so that they remain special. I don’t know if that’s changed/will change, as it was kind of an old post and a lot of people seem to suggest bringing the Geheimnisnacht lighting into the regular game.

There is a way you can play with it year-round in the modded realm - the “Deeds Mutator Selector” mod has an option for it.

Thoroughly agreed. It’s like… I’ve got a busy week at work so I guess I just get to eat sh!t and miss out for another entire year. V2 isn’t my full time job FS! I should be able to enjoy some nice lighting at my own pace FFS. When there’s so little content already and you miss out on what little there is of it because of stupidly tiny availability windows it feels REAL bad.

It is possible and people are asking for this for a year now, and FS for some weird reason can’t do even this simple thing.

It’s completely mindblowing at this point.

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