Night Maps from October Event

My original thread was auto locked due to how old it is now. But can we get an update on the night maps? I know it was said that you guys wanted to polish them up a bit before releasing them into normal rotation. But it’s been over 3 months… and they already looked good during the event.

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Where was it said that the night maps will go into full rotation? I don’t see it anywhere on your link.

I would love this as I much prefer all the night maps (except for maybe Empire in Flames), but I don’t see where it’s been said.

It’s true that we wanted to add some polish, but we don’t have any plans to add them to a persistent rotation. We have plans for night mode though. It’s not the last you saw of it.


There was a post from hans about adding them.

Can you elaborate on the fashion they will be implemented @Fatshark_Hedge ? Will they be added as a deed? Or an option we can tick for custom games?

We’ll be showing more of and shipping a new feature soon that we showed off a little bit of in a stream a couple of weeks ago - mutators. Those will be on a rotation and will most likely be where we plug in this kind of thing :slight_smile:


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