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Mannslieb and Morrslieb are both full in the sky – Geheimnisnacht is coming. The seasonal event will be available for you to play between Oct 29th – Nov 4th on both Xbox One and PC. One of the major features of the event is Night Mode. All maps will be bathing in the sickly green light cast by Morrslieb and you’ll attempt to navigate in the darkness.

More information will be released throughout the week.

Here’s a Discord exclusive screenshot only for you!

Was posted by Fatshark Trelly about 2 hours ago. Please… please… leave the night maps in rotation after the event. Can you make it a 50/50 chance we get night or day maps? I think a little variety should not be limited to just a 6 day event.


  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, with the option to choose

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I would like if the maps weather would be the weather of the keep. No idear how much work that would be to be honest.

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I wouldn’t mind if it was just random… Give us fog, darkness, sunny days, rain, etc.


It’s going to suck a lot of wordfilter if we only have these maps for a single week. This may make Righteous Stand actually look decent! Hell it might even make all the abominable texture and object pop-in less blatantly obvious! Fort Brax won’t make me fall asleep with its boring drab blue lighting! And then it’s over and we’re back to all the questionable lighting decisions and technical issues they expose. No thanks.

Ah, how’s it going Mr Sunshine? You know you catch more flies with sugar right?

EDIT: lol, how are you reporting my own post in my own thread kek


I’d like to have stuff like this as an option to enable like a map modifier that you can turn on when starting a map. They should also allow us to decide which seasonal decoration the keep is having at every times, even when the specified events end.


I for one, am pretty excited for this event.
Especially with the glowy eyes that have been added.
Should be quite fun!

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I want random weather as well - would be cool to see at least some variation in those 13 maps’ feel.


I added a poll, hopefully if FS see the results, they can make a better decision.


Fighting the pact sworn on a dark rainy night on Stand or Bell would be sweet.

I voted for YES with the option to CHOOSE.
I voted this way because we have not yet experienced the maps in “night mode.”
I suspect it will make the maps a bit harder, which is a good thing IMHO, but it never hurts to have the choice.
I say this because I have some friends that will probably not be too fond of the night mode. They just want fast runs for the loot. These are the guys that skip Blightreaper, the Pit, Skittergate because “they’re too long.”
Then my other group is going to absolutely love the change it brings.

I think this is a cool thing FS is doing for the game. We shall see how it goes.

Hope to see some of you in game for the event!
If anyone wants to add me on Steam its Hanzy the Heretic.
Got an open spot in my group right now. We play typically 8PM to 12AM EST Mon thru Friday and as weekends allow.


Yeah uh… You sure you meant to write ‘Bell’?

Also for something more constructive, I am actually mostly excited for Morrslieb. It got completely forgotten in the base game, save for one of the Keep weather conditions and the first section of Skittergate, and IMO it’s not a vermintide game without Morrslieb. The technical issues just add another layer of triggering.

Oh and RS is just bland as balls, so it can use anything to look actually remotely interesting.

Please add night time map versions permanently!
this looks awesome
this game neds this dark atmosphere from V1!

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I just noticed the keep thunder storm weather today. Not sure if that’s new, but I’ve never seen it before. Had lightning flashes across the keep and stuff as well. Very nice. But yea, I would love to see random weather in maps.

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Yeah! Didn’t notice the lightning before!

Well, we currently have zero no votes for the maps to stay in rotation. Hoping @Fatshark_Hedge can give us FS official position on the night maps.

Bumping, for this is a great idea.

Not a single no vote, hopefully they respond to this. There is zero reason to remove the maps from rotation. But they keep wording it as if this is a exclusive event. Really hope they change their minds.

No, I am all for it.

The game needs variety and honestly I will take the variety and challenge of night maps as a WELCOME addition to regular gameplay.

+1 for it to be a permanent feature. -100000 for it to be 6 day “event exclusive”. Give me a break. I barely have real life time to play games this week because of something I have called a JOB which is far more important than games.

Limited time portrait? OKAY no problem. Understood. Limited time loots? Okay! No problem (if ever the case). But limited time maps? No, this SHOULD be permanent.


Listening to Friday’s stream, this will be a short-time event - for now. The nighttime changes are apparently done with some sort of quick and dirty methods, and remote corners of the maps cause them to look… weird, at least. So if they want to turn it permanent, they want to at least increase the quality first. And in case someone’s questioning “why didn’t they make it well enough at first then” (and I’m sure some people are), it seems that this idea came quite recently, and there simply wasn’t enough time to shave all the edges off.

That said, the tech exists now, and they said they want to make more events, maybe even expanding the system. I think they’ve also acknowledged the community’s wish for a permanent variant, so don’t lose hope. I’d say it probably won’t stay right away, to give the devs more time to better finish the system, but it’ll likely come back in some form.

Lore-wise (from what I’ve gathered; haven’t checked the wikis or such), the Gehemnisnacht is the single night when both Morrslieb and Mannslieb are visible in the sky together. So some tweaks are required to the visuals anyway if the nighttime is to be a permanent feature, even if it is deemed in good enough shape to stay otherwise.

Fingers crossed.

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Just saw this on reddit.

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