[PC] Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.2.2 - Geheimnisnacht is live!

So do I have to opt out from the beta in order to play this one? Or does it work simultaneously?


The event is available on both Beta and the Live game.


Ok ok im excited but im at work right now!

Did you guys come to your senses and leave “night mode” as a permanent playable environment mod for every mission?

I know I am 2 steps ahead but I want to play night missions well beyond just a week long event!

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Ah this is really cool, thanks for the good work^^

But just outa curiosity, is there any ETA on when the big balance update will launch into the …main Servers?

Have you seen this thread @Fatshark_Hedge

Please don’t make this a 6 day event…


I think they were pretty clear on keeping this for events …
But how about new Deeds with reduced visibility that feature night mode? ^^

Why bro? This should be switched off to be honest, I hate that the bow automaticly zooms, I just want it as a toggle.

Please keep night mode as an option on all maps outside of this event. Creating time limited content is not a good use of game designers time.

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I like the trophy room and the new banners, but i would still beg for some kind of housing.

it would be pretty cool to design your own keep with all trophies / farmed stuff. Just pick up a “design - mode” for the keep and some green - places, where you can put on the stuff you want.

This is a lot of effort to essentially make entirely new flavored maps that will have a distinct unique feel available for only ONE week. I don’t understand that design choice at all if thats the case. The Devs have left it as a Halloween launch, yes, awesome timing, but leaving the night maps only available for 1 week is a horrible idea. Horrible. People have other things going in life other than games. Don’t make a huge mistake and leave the Night mode maps available for only a week! Thats a bad bad bad bad idea Fatshark. We have other things going on in life, I have maybe 2 maximum 3 days and a couple of hours to play V2 this week. So lets get this straight, I play those 2-3 days maybe enjoy the new flavor of night maps maybe once each and thats it?? You developers can’t be serious about that right??? I don’t care if the night mode toggles randomly if we select Quickplay, leave this tremendous work as a permanent feature! A limited time feature for something as important as this (which would inject some excitement and interest into the old maps) is a massive failure if its not permanent.

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So let me get the fact straight then, Kerillians swiftbow now does an auto-zoom when aiming? Is that the case?

Fatshark please just edit the map select screen to have variation choices and maybe even mutator choices in future going around the edge. You could click on a sun icon and it turns into a Morrslieb icon. Example below.


WS has the option to toggle zoom for all the bows. She always has been allowed to, it’s a passive skill of hers. You need to bind the key to a button though. It uses the same special key as Salties Raiper Pistol shot.

Aaah I see, the issue I think is I use an Xbox one controller with my PC, so I need to some creative binding if I want to use the feature. I am not using a mouse/keyboard gameplay setup. Its an Elite controller so I can hardware bind the special button to left trigger outside the game. Maybe I will try that and see how it goes with alt fire/zoom in bind to the same left trigger.

To everyone saying that limited time content is a bad idea:

No it’s not. Variety is the spice of life. While it’d be nice to have more choices, if Fatshark continues to work on the game they will have similar events in the future. Putting that all into the game permanently would just cause feature bloat.

With that out of the way, I believe that this change was mostly a lighting change, which isn’t that much effort, so there’s not much time ‘wasted’. Besides, they have already said that it might come back in the future.

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We currently have 15 maps… I don’t think making them night mode is a “feature bloat”…


Giving players more choice is not “feature bloat”.

No, right now it isn’t. But let’s assume 4 events a year, and everything they add but keep decorations stay.
We’d get there rather quickly.
I’d love regular events, and I’m in favour of deeds including those modifiers - I wouldn’t have been upset had they said they want to offer all of this permanently. But they decided against it, and I’m fine with that, too, and I just disagree with people saying that this would somehow be a horrible mistake and an automatically bad decision.

No one is asking for the keep decorations lol. We’re asking for the option to keep the Night time maps after these 6 days are up.

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