[PC] Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.6 - Anniversary Update


Welcome to patch 1.6. Today we celebrate exactly 1 year since the release of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - and to help lubricate the celebrations we’re rolling out a new Event Level - ‘A Quiet Drink’, and with it a sweet new set of Portrait Frames that are up for grabs for a limited time only!

Thank you SO much for joining us in this adventure over the past 12 months. We hope you enjoy the anniversary celebrations in the form of this special event level and portrait frames. We can’t wait to continue the journey with you all with Winds of Magic coming this summer and everything we have in store there and beyond.

Big love from the Fatshark Tank


  • New Event Level - ‘A Quiet Drink’. Join the heroes on a night out on the town. Surely nothing can go wrong with this plan.
  • Three new Portrait Frames - With these three new Portrait Frames you can help yourself remember a great night out on the town every time you play - but remember, you’ll need to earn them!


  • We’ve added a “Limit UI Scaling” toggle. Enabling this option will limit the scaling of the UI relative to your resolution. This will only affect players who play above 1080p resolution.
  • A warning will now be displayed when host tries to leave a game with players connected to the server.
  • Clients will now get a message that the host left the game when the host disconnects (eariler they only got a message that they lost connection to the host).
  • Wielding a career skill weapon (Bounty Hunter’s double handgun, Waystalker’s trueflight arrows, Pyromancer’s burning skull, or Ranger Veteran’s smoke bomb) will now cause you to drop any level event item (barrels, oil jugs, cannon balls, etc.). This is done to one: prevent an exploit where you’d get regular movement speed when having your weapon “out”, and two: promote characters with movement related skills be more prized for those carrying tasks.
  • Taal’s Horn Keep - Moved the potions and added two bombs to the target dummy area.
  • Bots will now despawn nearer to the time in which a player assumes control over them. Players will now join the game closer to the group when assuming control of a bot.
  • Saltzpyre - Due to some unforeseen consequences from the 1.5 releases, and subsequent quick fixes to the Brace of Pistols there’s been some more thorough tweaks to them. All known and found cases of minigun-like behaviour has been fixed. Added a slight manual reload window when out of ammo, which means you can start a reload slightly faster than otherwise with a well-timed press of the reload key.


  • Athel Yenlui - Fixed a couple of locations where players could get stuck.
  • Athel Yenlui - Added improved collision to a specific breed of trees to further mitigate situations where Ratling Gunners would shoot you through them.
  • Athel Yenlui - Fixed a spot where Packmasters could drag a player out of bounds resulting in them being unrescuable.
  • Athel Yenlui - Fixed a spot where enemies could spawn behind a solid wall and casually just walk through it, taking the group by surprise.
  • Blightreaper - Fixed so that torches on The Blightreaper cannot be removed when playing with the “Darkness of Heresy” mutator.
  • Convocation of Decay - Fixed a pretty rare but nevertheless present issue where a Blightstormer would stand behind a particular wall and cast his vortex unapolagetically at the heroes who couldn’t retaliate.
  • Empire in Flames - Fixed some holes in geometry and some sticky navigation locations.
  • Empire in Flames - Fixed a resapawn point that sent players far too far in to the level.
  • Empire in Flames - Fixed a spot where enemies could spawn in plain sight.
  • Empire in Flames - Fixed a rooftop during the escape section on which a boss could navigate and subsequently get stuck.
  • Festering Ground - Fixed an issue where players who died after a point of no return when following the Nurgle trail could respawn behind and be rendered unrescuable.
  • Festering Ground - Fixed an issue where enemies couldn’t path to players who were stood atop a tent in the camp.
  • Festering Ground - Fixed various issues where players could see outside the level unintentionally or where some art assets would disappear when viewed from particular angles.
  • Festering Ground - We’ve fixed up a case where a boss could spawn right in your face after jumping down to grab the second grimoire.
  • Fort Beercanbronchioles - Fixed a location where players could get stuck.
  • Fortunes of War - Fixed a case where players could die and never have the opportunity to respawn.
  • Fortunes of War - Fixed spot where players could exploit.
  • Garden of Morr - Fixed a pickup that became disabled after having swapped items at that location.
  • Garden of Morr - Fixed a floating plank that remained after completing the end event.
  • Halescourge - Fixed a location where players could get stuck.
  • Halescourge - Fixed up some places where bots had a tendency to fall off the edge of the map.
  • Halescourge - Fixed a situation where two patrols could spawn in the same place.
  • Horn of Magnus - Fixed a flashing light seen in the darkness ‘Weekly Event’.
  • Horn of Magnus - Fixed spot where players could exploit.
  • Hunger in the Dark - Fixed a couple of locations where players could get stuck.
  • Hunger in the Dark - Fixed some geometry issues where players could see through the walls to the outside world.
  • Into the Nest - Fixed a location where players could get stuck.
  • Into the Nest - Fixed a particular rock which a Ratling Gunner could shoot through.
  • Righteous Stand - The ‘halo’ effect over the statue of Sigmar should now disappear as intended once the explosion ends during the final event.
  • Righteous Stand - Fixed a location where players could get stuck.
  • Righteous Stand - Fixed the barrel that was in a state of perpetual falling in the barracks. You know the one.
  • Righteous Stand - Fixed some unusual occlusion seen when traversing the wall at the Southern Axe Bit Garrison.
  • Taal’s Horn Keep - Fixed a couple of picture frames which weren’t appropriately secured to the wall.
  • The Screaming Bell - Fixed so that should a horde spawn behind the door during the Rat Ogre encounter they can now reach the event area.
  • The Screaming Bell - Fixed a grate in the floor that could swallow up a loot die if an enemy dropped one in there when killed.
  • The Screaming Bell - The warpfire VFX seen when the bell is ‘cut down’ should now be visible by a player who joins after the bell has been destroyed.
  • The War Camp - Fixed a couple of locations where players could get stuck and one where they could fall through the terrain.
  • The War Camp - Fixed some spots where enemies could spawn under the water and remain untouchable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players were met with an SSL_CONNECT_ERROR when attempting to launch the game since patch 1.5.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when scrolling through paintings.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when transitioning out of the Taal’s Horn Keep level.
  • Fixed crash that could occur during Twitch voting.
  • Fixed a localisation issue on a particular Okri’s Challenge where Saltzpyre’s name was spelt incorrectly in Polish.
  • Fixed an issue where bots would teleport up into the air after having used a lifting platform.
  • Fixed the bleeding effect on a Rat Ogre from being reduced in quality at too close a distance to the player. Also corrected some scenarios where the bleeding effect would appear to be ‘unattached’ to the Rat Ogre.
  • Fixed an issue with bosses that spawn behind walls being pacifists.
  • Fixed an issue where some Chaos Troll swings ended their collision too early.
  • Fixed an issue where player characters carrying a barrel would not play their “grabbed by Leech” animation.
  • Fixed cases where the beam staff, and drakegun VFX would be placed incorrectly when used by a bot.
  • Bardin & Kruber - Fixed an issue where a pellet from a shotgun could trigger ammo gain talents multiple times.
  • Bardin & Kruber - Fixed an issue where the spread of Grudge-Rakers and Blunderbusses were higher than intended.
  • Bardin - Fixed the hammer that wasn’t attached to the body of the gun on of one of his Handgun illusions.
  • Kruber - Added missing trails to pellets on Blunderbuss illusions that were missing them.
  • Saltzpyre - The 2h sword critical hit damage against frenzied enemies should now be higher than a non-critical hit.
  • Saltzpyre - Fixed a crash that could occur when using your career skill as Bounty Hunter.
  • Saltzpyre - Fixed the Witch Hunter Captain hat ‘Candlewick Watchtower’ that could clip through his forehead.
  • Saltzpyre - Fixed the animation of the light attack following a push with the Axe and Falchion.

Beta Fixes

  • Fixed a crash caused when using the Keep paintings menu.
  • Fixed level lighting which had gone awry on some of the missions.
  • Fixed crash that could occur on levels when clients interacted with level objects.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to apply illusions.
  • Fixed issue with only one player being able to pickup ravaged art scraps.

Is the Event Live now?

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Yep. :slight_smile:


I really hope this update isn’t a buggy non-playable mess.

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for how long?

You may check in game how long

so I have to wait late this night :stuck_out_tongue:

10 days.


Gods I love it when you post patch-notes. Thanks, @Fatshark_Hedge! I can’t wait to try it this weekend!

Well it was an interesting level. I particularly enjoyed the new voicelines in the game! Superb job and some funny drunken banter between the Heroes. Really enjoyed that the most.

Reminded me a bit of the opening of Screaming Bell but leads to a different geography from the left path onwards.

I was able to get both portraits on my first game/run. I guess its not that hard even on Legend.

You do feel like a raging alcoholic by the end. I did not think we actually got all the booze but we drank it all.
So the mechanic is drink too fast and you get downed. I was a bit confused at first because there was a ton of bottles to drink in the pub district and in the final bar but also a lot of healing I guess to offset all the booze drinking (…and going down ofc) lol

The other portrait from the event, I do not even know what the condition was but I got that one as well from this 1 run. Idk if its normal but we had 3 minibosses in the run. Started with a troll, midway Rogre, then at the end in the 2 floor pub staged barfight we got another Rogre

And oh yeah, also looks like Fatshark shut down the Art collection exploit :wink: looks like players cannot pickup the art multiple times anymore

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So… portraits. My kingdom for a red helmet!

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Just finished the event, with 1 friend and 2 random dudes. I got the portrait frame for drinking everything but my friend doesn’t. Don’t know what happened.

portraits, that’s all? its a 6GB update :open_mouth:

When will ps4 be getting this…or even be getting the LAST event!!?

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It’s a full map and a lot of fixes on different maps.


The voice acting for it is great too.

Fatshark, thank you for this lovely update :slight_smile: Much love for you guys :heart:

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Seriously is there no love for PS4?

So can console finally get some love? We never get events and we feel like the neglected step children lol