Vermintide 2 - Patch

  • Fixes an issue where the game would crash if all players died at the same time, and the spectator camera didn’t know who to look at


Welcome to patch 2.0.13. This patch includes a batch of fixes and tweaks, ahead of Geheimnisnacht which arrives in Vermintide 2 next week.

Be sure to stop by our Fatshark Stream this coming Friday the 25th of October for details on this year’s Geheimnisnacht celebration, the end of which marks the end of Season 1.


  • Removed weapon forging tutorial text that is placed on the amulet if amulet is already introduced.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon for a thrown bomb wasn’t visible when playing the prologue.
  • Fixed Kerillian’s career skill weapon not cloning the material settings of the original ranged weapon.
  • Fixed shielded rats having no set armor category which caused some players dealing inconsistent damage to them.
  • Fixed Throwing Axes not playing reload animation in certain conditions.
  • Fixed unlocalized strings in Athanor weapons menu.
  • Drakefire Pistols - Fixed an issue that caused a brief double venting when venting shortly after using an attack.
  • Fixed so sun flare is not visible through the first person unit ( weapons/shields)
  • Solved an instability caused when too many sound sources are created.
  • Fixed debug string seen in Weave lobby browser.
  • Fixed some cases where the “all players must be present” hints (such as elevator levers) wouldn’t show for clients.
  • Game clients should now see correct Weave level names in the UI.
  • Weaves objective markers (with the blue outline) should now be unique on weave levels and not seen during regular campaign missions.
  • Tweaked audio within the ‘Azyr’ Weaves for stability and performance purposes.
  • Fixed crash that could occour on all Azyr winds levels.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect sound playing when selecting a talent on last talent row for the first time.
  • Fixed clipping in the Repeater Pistol’s startup animation for its secondary fire.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would get the wrong hero selection.
  • Fixed bug which could result in Sienna becoming permanently invisible.
  • Fixes an exploit that lets the players instantly complete a map.
  • If an error is experienced retreiving leaderboard data, this error should no longer force the player to close the game.
  • Added missing materials on the Weave version of the Doomwheel prop.
  • Bots no longer need to be in the Bridge of Shadows to be considered alive at the end of the level.
  • Fixed an issue where Zealot would gain large amounts of temporary health when triggering Heart of Iron while having the talent Holy Fortitude.
  • Fixed the Gutter Runner dealing damage to wrong target when Ironbreaker taunts the unit before it jumps.
  • Enemies falling off edges now properly award Weave progress.
  • Fixed Weave weapons sometimes not having correct traits and properties if the same weapon type is used in multiple careers.
  • Fixed Huntsman passive and ammo on headshot traits reloading the weapon if you had 0 ammo in reserves instead of 0 ammo in the clip.
  • Fix to prevent players teleporting a short distance after being dragged by the Packmaster.
  • Fixed 1h flaming flail 2nd heavy attack charge animation sometimes not playing.
  • Fixed volcanic force not triggering on time with some of the charge spells, the fully charged timer didn’t scale correctly with the attack speed and other buffs.
  • Fixed a crash when Weave spirits chase a player that left / disconnected.
  • Fixed grenade explosions not triggering if a client hits the dummy directly with the grenade.


  • Added initial reload animations for the Witch Hunter’s ‘Brace of Pistols’.
  • Tweaked shield position during block for Kerillian’s ‘Spear and Shield’ to provide more visibility.
  • Athanor UI now selects the first weapon in the list if current selected weapon is not in the weapons list.
  • The Athanor UI tutorial has seen some polish.
  • Improved Weave matchmaking. There was an issue with the second stage of matchmaking which caused huge delays and often times no resulting matches being made.
  • Updated the lobby browser for gamepads.
  • Added support for gamepad on the Weave end screen.
  • Added spawn sounds for Ratling Gunner and Warpfire Thrower.
  • Added more defined variations to Beastmen horde footsteps to make them feel more natural and less repetetive. This is married with adjustments to volume so they’re easier to hear.
  • Players can now use healing drought and bandages even if health is full if they are in a “wounded” state.
  • Added ambush stingers in main-game (adventure) maps. This should result in less situations where things spawn silently.
  • Unchained Sienna: “Enfeebling Flames” - now the flame visuals end at the same time as the DoT.
  • Flaming Flail - Added a hit stop animation to the second heavy attack to make it feel nicer and cleared when you hit a large amount of enemies.
  • Fixed order of team size filter options in leaderboard menu.
  • Added more voice and SFX variations for the Minotaur:
    • Added more charge grunts and voice variations.
    • Added special attack and pre attack voice varations
    • Added short attack voice variations
    • Tweaked axe swing volume.
    • Made spawn sound more directional.
  • Crowbill sound has seen a tweak, reducing the bass a touch.
  • Tweaked Lohner’s Catrinne referenced lines to play less frequently.
  • Added sound to indicate to players if they or an enemy are burning within the fire Weaves.
  • Torches, explosive grenades and explosive barrels can now damage the Beastmen banners.
  • Added missing minimum stagger damage from ranged attacks to dummy damage calculations.
  • Made power vs armor and power vs race, power level multipliers be additive rather than multiplicative. (result: if you have 10% power vs chaos and 10% power vs unarmored, then you will have 120% power power level when attacking chaos fanatic instead of 121% if they were multiplied together.)
  • Made Saltspyre’s ‘Killing Blow’ always deal current max hp as damage instead of base breed max hp.
  • Implemented more robust behaviour around Steam outages. The game will not immediately close when Steam goes down for maintenance, or when there are networking issues that result in Steam not being reachable. As there are many corner-cases and nuances around the networking code, we appreciate bug reports if you see odd behaviour when it comes to issues with Steam.
  • Many levels have seen dev assets and unecessary assets removed, and seen enemy spawners which were out of play or intersecting with kill volumes removed or updated. This should see some minor performance improvements:

Fort Brewstersmillions

  • Made the cannonball VASTLY more powerful when dropped on enemies. This should make related challenges more feasible on higher difficulties.
  • Fixed spawners (spawners outside the navmesh or intersecting with kill volumes). This should improve performance in those locations.
  • Removed some unseen units.

Into the Nest

  • Fixed spawners (spawners outside the navmesh or intersecting with kill volumes). This should improve performance in those locations.
  • Removed some unseen units
  • Updated occlusion culling.


  • Fixed an issue in the prologue where the dodge tutorial would always result in a jump when successfully performed.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon for a thrown bomb wasn’t visible when playing the prologue.
  • Removed duplicate static units.
  • Updated occlusion culling.


  • Fixed spawners (spawners outside the navmesh or intersecting with kill volumes). This should improve performance in those locations.
  • BirchwoodFord HailshamChandlersBMWMini has seen no changes in this update.

Screaming Bell

  • Fixed deathzone that was reachable through regular play.

Taal’s Horn Keep

  • Fixed an issue where bots would spawn into the Keep.
  • Updated LOD distances for certain objects & geometries.
  • Updated occlusion culling.

Righteous Stand

  • Removed duplicate static units.
  • Updated occlusion culling.

[edit: notes updated to reflect that only explosive bombs will damage Beastmen Banners, not incendiary. Previously the note suggested all bombs would be effective]


I hope this time for real

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Well end of the season come.

I’m surprised about not seeing anything related to Convocation of Decay finale adressed. Is it something that’s very hard to change ? I mean, what does prevent you to adress this specific issue. Waiting in order to actually do the cataclysm challenge there (mostly not doable atm).

Can I suggest, AT LEAST for season 2, to not reset players at all, so they can finish (mostly thoses blocked on weave 115 for example that was not adressed as well). They are probably not a lot, but being thrown back to 80 when you’re on 110 will probably be very frustrating =p


Btw, not sure if you guys changed something in like past month or if it’s Steam’s fault, but around that time, friends I often play with started getting much worse pings which are basically unplayable.

And it’s semi random thing, lets say Friend #1 used to have ping about 80ms, suddenly he got 160… then week later he has 80 again for few games and boom he is back to unplayable 160.

Friend #2 used to have 70ms, suddenly he is getting range of 160-200… And those guys should have very good pings since they are physically relatively close to me, around 200km ± maybe less.

We even tried switching hosts when doing Weaves, since… again it was basically unplayable. And we join different host, and some pings got fixed and others got screwed up. Or I join I friend I have 70ms… and 30 minutes later I have 100 and soon after 120-140 and it’s again unplayable.

This is literally making the game unplayable or I would have to find new friends :smiley: because If I do QP, some ppl who join do have good pings.

There is some weird fu*kery goin on in routing.

Would love to get some feedback on this problem. (ps: it’s not issue on my side, got perfectly stable connection and nothing else is going on, on my network when playing, plus the issue is happening on other hosts also)


On the “Convocation of decay” map i was able to somehow sidewalk through the wall in the tunnel post that area where you press 3 buttons to open 3 doors to proceed.

I was aiming down at a gunrat and somehow i found myself outside the wall and unable to get in, an attempt to do so had me fall through the floor.

Also on the “Hunger in the Dark” one i had a problem as well, the area was just by the entry to the first really open hall space, the one that has you go straight down through to find the first tome in a small waterlogged room.

So anyway at the entrance,there is a opening and a gentle rolling slope that you cant run up on the side kinda like this “/” , normally you´d just walk past here but my team got a horde here.

We bunkered down and started grinding the horde down but a packmaster spawned on the top of that slope(on our flank at that point) ran down whilst we didnt realize where it was, then it pulled our Kruber up and into a wall where we couldnt get it anymore.

I actually recall this happening to myself a few times as well in that area.

What´s wrong with the finale on that map? Sure it´s tough but it isnt bugged is it?

It’s not bugged, but certainly badly balanced. We do have changes coming in the next update, I believe.


It’s tough, making the cataclysm challenge very very very very very hard, as it will require mostly luck : no real counterplay to a tornado or a gas coming in the middle, from a special you can’t reach without going out of the center, and the millions of chaos warrior is kinda harsh without much stamina.
This is mostly a challenge issue, this is doable without it but way out of league compared to others finales.

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Great to know. Hope I’ll be able to tackle this challenge =p

But then why would others play the weaves at all if progression is kept ?

Seasonnals ranks ? Why will the others play the weaves at all if progression is reset but you already have the rewards ?

It is not considered bugged, when you finish the weave multiple times … and there are no mobs to kill to fill up the bar, so you run around 3-4 minutes like dummy and then get defeat screen ?

What ranks ?

You mean cheaterboards or ? :joy:

Well if you don’t reset it and I have the weaves done, then why would I play it again ? And it’s not just me, like anyone. Let’s say someone got 80 weaves done and higher ones are too hard for him, well if it’s not getting reset and he got em done… then that is the exact same situation. No point in playing em again.

I think they said last time that they will keep progression up to 40 or so, and rest will be reset, which sounds great, no point in playing recruit/vet/champ/leg stuff for players that are Cata+ capable.

If there are seasons then there should be seasonal rewards, like there are frames, you get em if you reach em during the season. New season should bring new seasonal rewards.

Isn’t this how it works everywhere else ?


Wouldn’t call that a ‘tweak’ though…

It was already listed in a previous patch. It just may not have been pushed live at that particular point in time.

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I know, right? Clearly that is a phalange.


He’s speaking of convo of decay


Thanks for the patch. Good stuff all around. There have been some tweaks to Sienna’s burning flail. However, do I understand correctly that the first power attack hasn’t been touched? As in: It still only damages / burns the primary target while only knocking surrounding enemies away (and applying a burning visual effect even though there is no damage effect applied)? This one always irked me…

Apart from that; Looking forward to the balance patch!


That is huge, imo. Does this also mean that torches can finally get trough barricades and doors in a timely manner? I always have that first barricade in Blightreaper in mind…

It’s always nice to see things you yourself reported being fixed. :blush:

This is getting out of hand. Who is responsible for this particular one? :smile:


Interesting. The reload animation change was significant before so I wonder what this is exactly?

All of the other tweaks seem quite good.

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