New Career. When?

Greetings to all.

Gentlemen, dear community. Please tell me what to do: I like Vermintide so much that I can’t wait for a new career. I dreamed today that a new career was added to Bardin and I was VERY disappointed when I woke up and realized that there was no career yet… I beg at least one of the developers/knowledgeable people to give at least a small hint-by what time to wait for a new career?
Maybe it’s worth it for Halloween? Please, I’m going crazy without a new career.

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In the last update Hedge said this,

Most likely not a career but maybe the Chaos Waste DLC, or both

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I thought that was reference to a Halloween event.

Maybe but it would be suspicious as they didn’t do something like that for the other event and made a clear note of it

I doubt we’ll hear anything until a few days before release. Fatshark got pilloried in the past for announcing things prematurely and not sticking to published deadlines. As long as the new careers are well balanced when they arrive, I don’t mind waiting. I’d rather get 2 big content updates a year (maps, weapons, careers) than the piecemeal release of content we saw in seasons 2 & 3 - having sporadic feasts of significant amounts of content instead of being served frequent bowls of thin gruel would make new content releases feel like a meaningful event and get me excited about the game again.

P.S. I really hope we get 2 or more careers released simulatneously, so we don’t have a multitude of single player lobbies like we did with the GK career release.

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New Sienna career, when?*

Fixed the title


P.S. I really hope we get 2 or more careers released simulatneously, so we don’t have a multitude of single player lobbies like we did with the GK career release.

I agree with this a lot but I feel like it would be hard to balance two careers at the same time, sure grail knight is very balanced(at least to me), but having two may result in one being worse or one being better, or better than every career.

Then again I’m probably just assuming too much, but still wanted to share my thoughts anyways.

Maybe it is vs mode?

There are two newly added still unreleased DLC packages

I’m thinking the fun stuff is just Halloween event, but maybe combined with the release of whatever that DLC is

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We don’t know this yet, but i think the careers will come out the way they are presented in the hero selection screen. Kruber being the first to release might not be a huge indicator for that, but it’s a start. When the next career is released and it’s Bardin’s, you might not see the Sienna career even next year.


Halloween sounds about right, but not for Bardin. Saltzpyre scarecrow career confirmed!

Sienna Jack o lantern (which definitely need to be an Unchained Head piece


Do you think the dwarf will go as a gnome? A… BARDIN GNOME?

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Sienna O Lantern
Victor Von Saltzpire (Vampire)
Barkus Kruber (Werewolf)


Achieving balance is always difficult with new content, so each new career will probably need a second pass anyway. If FS anticipate some initial imbalance and include updates into their release schedule to address this then releasing several careers at the same time makes more sense.

The GK is an excellent addition to the game but the way it was released was a mess.

Yes, maybe Halloween. 2021 ;D

Yo, how about making Bardin the new career for Kerillian? I mean we have to fight the elf bias somehow…

War of the Beard 2: Electric Boogaloo

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