What I want to see in DLC

  1. In Vermintide 1 there were many maps (2-3) and one weapon per DLC.
    What I think would be better is one SICK map and many weapons (atleast one for every character). In my opinion the amount of maps right now is satisfying. What really gets me in VT2 are builds for every career - being able to play differently with different talents and weapons.

  2. New careers (atleast one new career per dlc).

  3. I think bringing max hero level and power level up would be a great idea. For example - new talents for level 40 and 50 + new difficulty on which you get weapons with power level 500.

  4. Most important - NEW CHARACTER. People on this forum already showed so many fun ideas. I think the rat traitor is best but hey, we can also do with skink priest.

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It’s already beyond FS current power to balance the game. if they try to do this stuff soon it’ll be a disaster.


Actual Grim puzzles.
A rat abomination boss.
Actual arena boss fights with enviromental damage you can use to your advantage.

  1. No we have enough weapons, maps are more important

  2. Yes

  3. No it’d be impossible to balance and would ruin current power scaling

  4. No we already have established the group and the idea of working with a rat or skink makes me nauseous


I’m behind the idea of a new character, but one that makes sense… I’m not even sure entirely what, maybe a battle priest would be interesting. I’d be annoyed yet intrigued at something exotic like an orc mercenary.

If we got a Slayer Bardin how come we didn’t get a Sienna career from a different college of magic? An Amethyst Sienna would have been cool, your special could trap the soul of an enemy or choke them in a dust cloud…or even something cool like a special where you get to cheat death for a certain amount of time.

The possibilities were limitless. Instead we got…Battle Wizard.

No. Just no. That would invalidate all the effort spent to craft, reroll, loot etc. level 300 weapons.

Voicelines. They didn’t have to change a thing for Bardin, where as a lot of the stuff Sienna says is about fire, so they’d have to put in more work in her case.

Because wizards in warhammer cant just learn any form of magic they want. A bright wizard will always be a bright wizard.

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Obliterated meta, all heroes back in line and equaly stong

I admit i hate meta concept in evry game and not respect players who do only meta classes.

Gear level increase is nerfing game… Nop nop m8 thats path to heresy

Beacuse Lore:

Sienna mastered the Lore of Fire in Altdorf, but it soon became abundantly clear that she lacked both passion and patience for scholarly pursuits. She could not stand the slow pace of college life, and instead, she felt a void inside her that could only be filled by the addictive rush of intense spellcasting. Fire magic became Sienna’s drug of choice, and she realised that she was unquestionably an addict. Accepting this fact, she decided to blaze her path through life, and has never looked back since.[1]

Fellow bright wizards were wary of Fuegonasus’ temper and desire to always challenge herself to the extreme. She always strove to create the highest flame walls, the hottest fireballs or to summon the most impressive conflagration of doom. Her peers warned that the Wind of Aqshy was not something to play with, but Sienna saw it quite differently. She knew she needed the pyromaniacal rush of magic to not wither and die, so this was her way, and no other option would do.[1]

Kerillian can change to a Dark Elf though…that’s fine with you? Sienna doing a little bit of extra homework is way, way worse?

Kerrillian doesnt change to Dark Elf as Shade and she doesnt change to High Elf as Handmaiden. She just follows different gods of the elven pantheon. All elven races have the same gods, they just worship different ones in the pantheon.

The winds of magic are way more complex in the warhammer world. Sienna is not able to just study a different form of magic. She is bound to the winds of aqshy, like most other wizards in the warhammer world can only use one of the eight winds, except elves and slann.

So Kerillian’s skin changes colour as Shade for…what reason then?

You guys realize Fatshark is a small indie studio right? Making new characters or enemies is a huge undertaking they probably don’t have the resources to produce as a DLC. I’ll honestly be impressed if they even add new classes anytime this year.

A more realistic discussion would be about what new level locales you’d like to see and what weapons and cosmetics you’d like added. Anything beyond that is setting yourself up for disappointment.

I think with modding coming out soon, modders could take care of making new weapons and maybe a new character.


sienna really needs the burning skull laugh from that game for pyro’s skill.

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i would like to see a new monster mini boss. the current bosses are getting kinda bland, or a new special would be nice

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