Heroes! We're Seeking Your Big Picture Questions!


As you may or may not know, in just under one month Vermintide 2 will be celebrating its first birthday! Sigmar bless!

With that in mind, we’re collecting some of Fatshark’s senior creatives in one room and we want to present them with some of your big picture questions related to the creation of your favourite Skaven-Slaying Simulator. This isn’t an AMA and we won’t be able to answer all your questions. The event will be ‘caught on camera’ as opposed to a live thread type thing. I won’t waffle on much and prefer to hand the microphone to you guys to get your questions lined up in this 'ere thread.

I’ll start with my own question - “What is the process you employ when creating environments in such a rich universe with an existing, heavily detail oriented fanbase?”


My question is, if the game is going to be supported for at least 4 more years, roughly how much dlc can we expect?

And on a side note, Beastmen?

I guess this question has been answered now :blush:


Is there a possibility we may see more careers for the Ubersreik 4 or 5 it doesn’t matter?


What is in your opinion your best and worst design decision regarding v2?


How difficult is it, in reality, to actually implement new features and content into the game?
We mortals here on the forums request all sort of new things for the game, ranging from maps, weapons, cosmetics all the way to new careers, new playable characters and even brand new enemy types and enemy factions; without really realizing the amount of work that would have to go into making these sort of things. It would be nice to know how much work would be required, how much work you are ready to put in, and what would be concidered “too much” work for you to even attempt; when making future content for the game.

Also, the game is brilliant, thank you very much for making it!


Thoughts on cross play and challenges of bring all version of the game to the same state?


Dedicated servers?

The bridge of shadows gives you the opportunity to travel around the old world :wink: so I would like to know if there are any adventures planned in other places of the warhammer universe (i.e. Lustria, Land of the Dead, Sylvania) with new enemies, bosses etc.?


What a question to throw out to us poor demanding leeches out of the blue, and such a general one too O_O

I have no experience in the matter and it being a general question makes things tough too, when you write environment it could be almost anything could it not? From a forest to a cave to a great city to a village to a mountain-…well anything.

However with “rich universe” being the keyword i suppose the relevant stuff is areas where the universe´s inhabitants would affect the enviroment such as cities, villages and other places within civilization as well as the more abstract stuff like the stuff the elves make.

So if looking to make a city or fortress like area i´d first look at the owners and known info about them, then look at the climate as it tends to impact construction a fair bit, then look at local specialties as that stuff tends to have impact as well, this together would probably help establish a baseline if nothing else although im sure there is probably more.

Now for my own question, i´d like to ask if you guys ever thought about making legend harder than it is by adding in special events or timers to some of the missions? Like having tons of skaven start spawning after a time on the map “screaming bell” to “encourage” the heroes to be speedy about their escape, or similarly have hordes of rotbloods come over on the map “empires of flames” a time after the mannor blows up.

I mean if there is a need to escape then there is right? Running away in a huff to a portal when the enemies are still several hours away seems strange so Lohner monologuing about needing to hurry here or there is silly.

Oh and weapons! How do you guys determine if a weapon is good or not and in need of change?

When will I get my vampire babe Geneviève Dieudonné? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Awesome game, here my addition to the mix:

Are you satisfied with the current balance or will there be another balance overhaul?

Are you considering to add a higher difficulty level or make legend harder to beat?


@Frostysir the question I posed in the OP was a sample question from me to the Dev Team :slight_smile: something to inspire questions from you guys to the dev team!


Consoles are really starting to lag behind and with new releases starting this week the lack of Mondstille quests and no 2x exp weekend feels like a missed opportunity.

When/if we get them, will the console playerbase even care? Most of us have a limited number of hours to play every day/week so we need a reason to choose Vermintide 2 over another game. As time continues to pass this decision is starting to swing the other way.

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:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :frowning: :anguished: :fearful: :scream:

I goof´d X_X


Do you intend to lose your hard-core fan base by consistently creating power creep patch after patch, without creating a new difficulty and making the hardest difficulty a joke?

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The contracts board is a shadow of what it should be and seems placeholder. Will it be fully developed?

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Deed matchmaking a consideration? This would help have people to play with on more difficult content


What kind of roster do you have in mind now for the future like just thinking of adding 2 or 3 new characters with maybe 4 or 5 different careers total or 4 to 5 new characters with just 3 careers?

Do you think to improve the reward randomness? Be on the wrong side of the bell curve in my real life is enough.


Deeds lobby? Reconnect deeds? Challenge lobby. All sorts of stuff, you know, so you dont have to search you dont know where

Ah, also dlc maps deeds

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Are you satisfied with the decision to focus on console ports early? Do you think it hurt or benefitted the vermintide playerbase overall (broadening the userbase vs. stagnating/buggy content for so long after launch)?

If you could go back, would you do it the same way again? Or would you change your approach and spread out your resources differently?

How many people do you have working on Q&A and/or fixing said bugs today? Is it still the top priority or is adding new content the current main focus?

Semi-loaded questions I guess, but I think the community deserves some answers with how big of an impact it’s had on the game and how vague the statements have been about said resource allocation (there’s been conflicting statements on streams such as “console ports are not taking up all resources” and “everyone but ~2 people are currently working on ports”).

As a PC player I am of course biased in thinking that VT2 would be in a much better state today if not almost all of your resources had been placed on porting to consoles for so long (and perhaps porting at a later date when the game was in a better place, both bug-wise and content-wise, instead of playing the patching catch-up game you now have to do), but my opinion isn’t exactly unique in that regard.

It would however be very interesting to hear your thoughts on said situation instead, even though these are ugly questiond and you’d probably rather not answer them.