Thank you for the shark head and more whining about a new career

Dear developers and community!
I really like the new skin that everyone’s favorite “drunk” map brought to us! It’s very funny, especially on the shaved Grail knight!
However, I still want to whine about - “when will there be a new career?”
I thought that it would be today, because usually on this day events related to Halloween begin and it would be possible to coincide with the release of the career with the holiday. However, then I remembered that in Vermintide, Halloween starts on October 28 and lasts until November 4.
I REALLY HOPE AND PRAY THAT WE ARE WAITING FOR AT LEAST SOME INFORMATION/CAREER OUTPUT! After all, it has already been tested since August, I don’t have the strength to wait!! Please, gentlemen developers, give at least some hint, is it worth waiting for a career in Halloween? Or at least some deadlines, tips!! Please!!!


? Do you know more than me? They searched a testing group since August. That doesnt necessarily mean there has been anything in the meantime to be tested. Just acquiring a pool of people.

As far as we know, new careers could be postponed after Chaos Wastes. Their word was one new career in 2020 which we got. Rest is bonus and should not be expected.

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But they said they had already started working. “We are also already working on the next career after the positive reception of the Grail knight…” from the news for July 24.

about alpha - here I can’t give a link to the news, but there was a phrase ~ " currently, a new career is at the alpha testing stage, and our developers are working with it independently.""

And it seems to me that one career in a year is not enough. It is very healthy, but at the end of the year it would be harmonious to see such a pleasant end of the year+wastelands of chaos.

Doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve started group testing with community members yet. We’ll see what happens; I’d rather a product be ready to ship than rushed.

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Still doesnt mean it is test-ready. I mean you have to go through conceptualization first, then art, design, gameplay. These things. They take time.

Also, I doubt it is one career a year, I think till the end of 2021 we could get all of them.

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There not going to rush to meet an anniversary date, last time they even put out a date/month for content was for WoM and I think they regret it so releases wont be predictable other than maybe… Darktide 2021

Thank you very much!

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